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Fitbit Aria Air- The Basic Packages for the Aria Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Aria Air

Fitbit Aria Air- Get a full picture of your overall health with the Fitbit Aria Air weight system. This lightweight handheld smart scale displays your weigh directly on its large, easy to read display panel. Simply input your height and weight to calculate your ideal weight for the day. The Fitbit Aria Air also syncs to your Fitbit account so that you can see your progress over time, monitor your fitness trends and monitor your caloric intake. Connected to your home computer or mobile phone, the Aria Air is simple to use and features a well laid out interface for easy, even browsing, of its detailed data settings.

Helps in Health Fitness

Weight loss and fitness enthusiasts love the Flex rating on the Fitbit Aria Air. This digital scale allows you to compare your height and weight to your ideal parameters. So that you are able to get the most accurate read on how to achieve your ideal body mass index. Once your BMI is calculate, the Flex will then offer you tips and hints on how to improve your metabolic rate to burn calories faster.

Innovative Gadget

The most advanced and comprehensive workout and fitness applications on the market today combine weight, metrics and health at the same time. With the Fitbit Aria Air, you get a full-body fitness program that works with your body size to provide you with a customized program. If you have an exact body measurement, you can program your machine to measure your percentage body fat. Just like other Fitbit scales, the Aria Air includes an interactive menu that lets you compare your results from different types of exercise routines, such as low intensity cardio workouts. The scale also measures your heart rate and pulse, so that you can get a real picture of how you are feeling and whether or not you are exerting too much effort.

Additional Features

With the Fitbit Aria Air, you get to enjoy a number of features that make your exercise routine more enjoyable. You can now upload and synchronize your information between your home computer and the Fitbit scale, so that you do not need to carry around extra devices when you are running your routine. This will save you space, money and time when it comes to carrying all the other devices that come along with the Fitbit program. It’s especially convenient if you have a young child with you. The Aria Air comes in a number of exciting designs, including ones that feature the Fitbit logo, include a heart rate monitor, and are made of water resistant material.

With the Fitbit Aria Air, you get accurate measurements of your body composition every time. This is because the aria 2 system uses a combination of electronic strips to calculate your body composition. These strips are use to determine your density, as well as determine if you have high, medium, low or average muscle density. Once your density is determine, you can choose the most effective workout plan for you, since there are plenty of options that allow you to customize your workout according to how you feel.

Fitbit Aria Air- Smart Scales

One of the biggest benefits of the Fitbit Aria Air is the addition of smart scales. These are easy to use and designed to help you keep track of the pounds you are adding or losing. These smart scales can keep track of your weight by automatically inflating or deflating as you expend energy. They also can estimate how much weight you may be losing based on your height and age. These smart scales will even give you an estimate of how many miles you have walked in a day, how many calories you’ve burned during a day of activity, and how many pounds you may have lost in a week.

Fitbit Aria Air- Flexibility

The Fitbit Aria Air includes an extensive variety of workout plans that are build to work with your schedule and your unique fitness goals. This app allows you to create workout plans that are specific to your interests. While it includes a step by step guide to make the entire process easy and intuitive. You can also log your activities via the Fitbit website, through an internet or cellular connection, or both. The Aria Wireless Heart Rate Monitor will connect to Fitbit application. Which will provide you with a number of measurements, such as heart rate, speed, distance, and calories burned. If you are not connect to an internet or cellular network, you will still be able to track your workout progress via the wireless web browser interface.

Fitbit Aria Air- Accuracy

Since the Fitbit Aria Air includes a weight-sensitive panel that is powered by your body’s temperature. This fitness and health tracking device will be more accurate than many others that are available. Unlike other weight sensitive panels that only work when the temperature dips below a certain point. Then the Aria panel will continue to measure your heart rate throughout your workout, providing you with more accurate readings. It has ability to connect wirelessly with any of your home electronics, including your TV, speakers, computer, and printer. Don’t worry about cables or compatibility issues with Fitbit Air because it is made for use with your existing wires. Thus, it is safe to use with any of your devices. The Bluetooth technology used in the Aria Air also ensures that the device is very accurate. It runs very quickly when it connects to your computer.