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Make Your Wedding Special With These Flavoured Cakes


When you decide to marry the love of your life; you need to make a lot of preparations to make your wedding day special and worth remembering with cakes. Among all the things you plan or do to make one of the best days in your life remarkable, most couples love to do one of the things most couples love to do: selecting the wedding cake or online cake delivery in lucknow

You need to put your sweet tooth to work, and only then you will be able to take the final call. There are many factors that you need to consider while selecting the cake other than the taste of the cake. You also need to think about the aesthetics and your guests, whether they will like it or not. We know that is a daunting task to do. 

So here we will try to make your job a little bit easier. In this article, we will discuss some of the most delicious and flavourful cakes that you will enjoy cutting with your partner and cakes that your guests are going to love. So let’s take a look at some of the best wedding cakes you can choose for your wedding day.

Cream cake and Fresh Strawberries

If you plan your wedding during summer, this sweet and simple cake will be the ideal one for your wedding. The cake has a vanilla base, and freshly sliced strawberries are added to it. The extra amount of cream makes this cake even more delicious and mouth-watering. 

Cafe Latte Cakes

This cafe latte cake is a fusion created by mixing a beverage and a cake. Vanilla cafe latte beverage is used to make this wedding cake. To increase the strong taste of coffee in the cake, coffee buttercream frosting is added. It is the perfect one to make your guests feel energized throughout the wedding. If you are planning your wedding in the city of Mumbai, then you can order cake by online delivery in Mumbai

Carrot Cake 

Made by using fresh carrots, this cake is preferred by many across the world as the wedding cake. Toppings such as cashews, pineapple, Raisins and other dry fruits can also be added while making the cake. A cream cheese frosting goes well with the cake. People who love dessert will love this carrot cake. 

Funfetti Cakes

If you want to surprise your guests with your cake, you can count on a funfetti cake. The cake is capable of bringing a smile to your face no matter how old you are. The cake has a buttery vanilla filling. On top of the cake, vanilla sprinkles are added along with a vanilla frosting. The funfetti cake is perfect for your wedding celebration.

Caramel Banana Wedding Cake 

This caramel banana wedding cake is one of the most delicious and elegant looking cakes on this list. The layers of this cake are formed by using moist bananas. Adding caramel sauce to that will make it tastier. On top of the cake, caramel frosting is used. This irresistible combination of desserts will make your wedding meal even more exciting. 

Chocolate Orange Citrus Cake 

Just think about a wedding cake made by mixing chocolate and orange pulp. If your mouth is filled with water just by thinking of it, then don’t hesitate and order this cake for your wedding. Creamy dark chocolate frosting goes well with this make, and the buttermilk in it makes this cake taste a whole lot better. 

Pumpkin Slice Cake 

Sweet pumpkin puree mixed with several spices, especially brown sugar, makes this super moist cake super smooth. The cheese frosting on top of the cake is extra creamy. With every single bite of this single-layered cake, you will get a heavenly feeling in your mouth. You can now easily send cake online to make your friend’s or relative’s wedding day special. 

Red Velvet Cake

The word velvet is there in the name of this cake because of the soft and moist nature of this cake. Two flavours, vanilla and chocolate, are mixed to make this cake. Buttermilk that is used in the making of this cake makes this cake buttery. To give the special touch, cheese frosting is added to the cake. 

All you need is the fixings and prepare product however one shouldn’t be a talented dough puncher to prepare this lavish cake. Simply combine all dry fixings as one, then, at that point combine the fluid fixings as one and afterward blend them in with one another and prepare. A delightful red velvet cake will emerge from the stove.

Ice Frost Vanilla Cake

Imagine a vanilla cake covered with fragments of tiny vanilla chips looking like ice. The flavor of this cake is fully vanilla and the different layers of this cake are filled with vanilla cream. The main attraction and specialty of this cake is its topping. The eye-catching topping is designed by sprinkling icy vanilla chips upon the main base of the cake. 

This makes the topping look like frosted ice. Just imagining this cake can make your mouth filled with water, so order this cake to make your day exciting. Coming to the taste, the Vanilla flavor gives you the perfect flavor to satisfy the requirements of your taste buds.

Now you can order any of the cakes online. So you need not take any stress about the wedding cake or online cake delivery in mumbai. The cake will be delivered to your wedding venue on the day of your wedding before time. Select any of these cakes for your wedding as all of them are equally tasty. So go ahead and select a flavourful wedding cake for your wedding.