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AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical Which Is Finest EHR?

Why an EHR Software is Important for Your Practice

EHR software is more or less necessary in every medical practice due to the laws mandated in various states requiring medical practices to have one. However, while it is something required by law, it is also something incredibly important because of how many conveniences this software brings to your practice. 

Apart from store patient records, this software does a lot more. From taking care of your billing or claims-related issues to taking care of your daily patient schedule. Software these days are incredibly competitive and have great features to make sure you choose them. In this piece, in particular, we are going to talk about AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical to help you decide which of this software would be appropriate for your medical practice! 

Kareo Clinical EHR Features

Track your Claims 

The first feature in Kareo EMR we want to tell you about is the claims tracking feature. This feature allows you to file and track claims very easily since the software automates a large portion of the process on its own. This process becoming automated helps you to avoid making mistakes when filing a claim and thus ensures that your claim is not only accepted sooner but also is reimbursed much more quickly as well. All in all, this software allows you to relax when it comes to filing claims while at the same time improving your cash flow. 

Analyze your Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

The billing and revenue cycle management feature in Kareo EHR is also wonderful and helps you improve the cash flow at your medical practice as well. This software allows you to analyze the amount of money coming into your practice and going out of it; it then allows you to look critically at what processes and systems you might have to change in order to improve your cash flow. 

All in all, in terms of AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical this feature in Kareo really is a winner because of how it helps you manage the financial aspect of running your practice. 

AdvancedEHR Features

Patient Portal

Since we are talking about AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical we should now focus on the features in AdvancedEHR. The first feature in this software we want to highlight is the patient portal feature. This feature allows your patients to access their own accounts from a login portal and be able to schedule their own appointments, look at their own billings, and much more. This helps you to relax as your patients can take over and execute several administrative tasks. This helps reduce the responsibilities on your shoulders and involves your patients in your practice more at the same time! 

Increase the Number of Patients at Your Practice

The second feature in AdvanedEHR we want to tell you about is the scheduling feature. With this feature, you are able to schedule as many appointments in a day as possible. This then helps you to increase how many patients you are seeing per day and hence be able to induct new patients into your practice. 

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Apart from scheduling so many appointments, you are also able to reduce the number of no-shows to your practice since the software automatically sends out reminders for appointments to patients and hence helps you reduce the number of people who cancel at the last minute! You are also able to schedule new patients in-lieu of those who cancel at the last minute through the waitlist feature which helps you utilize every second of your workday. With AdvancedEHR you are able to account for every minute of the day! 

Which Should you Choose; AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical? 

If you are now wondering whether we have a single answer for you in the AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical debate then unfortunately we do not! While both this software are great you can only choose one and only you can come to your own decision. 

With AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical, we recommend that you read as many reviews for both software online as you can so that you can see what users of this software think of it. This will make you aware of any bad features. If they exist before you make a hefty investment into the software. 

We also recommend asking the vendor for a demo of the software. Before you purchase it since this will help you to see the features in action before you actually invest in the software. Looking at features firsthand and reading about them. These are two very different things and it is imperative that you experience the former before making an investment. 

We are sure whatever decision you make in regards to AdvancedEHR vs Kareo Clinical will be the right one for you and your practice. If you want to watch a free demo then Visit FindEMR.