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GTX Titan: Should You Purchase the Titan XP Or the New Titan?

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Performance of GTX Titan

GTX Titan: The new Titan range is all about performance. This new machine from Nvidia is the most powerful gaming hardware ever created for its size. The Titan range is targeted at the hardcore PC player who wants a lot from a computer but without having to compromise on graphics. That is a tall task, but thanks to a range of powerful new components and a range of add-ons, the new Titan does everything that it claims to do. We take a look at some of the specifications, performance comparisons and software options available on the market now to help you make your decision.

Model Choice

There are six model options in the new Titan range. All the cards are quad-core models with the standard base core i5 processor. Each of these models has a full range of graphics cards built in – one for off-line gaming, one for online gaming and one for streaming high quality video. There are two variations on the Titan range, the Titanfall and the TitanZoom. The latter has an improved model in four different parts, namely the display engine, the memory controller, the sound card and the computer brains.


The price of the gtx Titan range is extortionate for a standard gaming laptop. It is a very big jump from the older i7 series which was very often already too much for many gamers to handle. The new Titan is clearly designed for the demanding needs of professional and casual gamers alike. There are plenty of features on this machine that differentiate it from the old ones, especially in the area of graphics cards and increased game compatibility. There are now over 25 million gamers worldwide who play with the Titanfall and TitanZoom, so it will no doubt have a significant effect on the way that future cards are aimed at.


The improved graphics card is able to support the standard resolution of 1080p and the improved frame rates of up to 60 frames per second. This means that not only do the new cards allow for far more detailed scenes, but they can also support the tearing from the scene as well, something that was lacking with the older cards. This leads to smoother and much better image quality and a real boost to the gaming performance of the gtx Titan.


The most notable feature of the Titanfall is the use of the new High-Bandwidth Virus Elimination (HBAX) system. This is a new feature of the new generation of graphics cards, where the processor unit will run faster and handle tasks quicker in exchange for using more power. The advantage of the new architecture is apparent in the way that the card operates. With an increased amount of processing power, the Titan x is able to run graphics on a substantially higher resolution, something that was quite unheard of with the older cards. The ability to push further amounts of data means that more people can enjoy the benefits of the new technology and games that create with the new Titan system.


In terms of the single gtx Titan, the benefit for consumers is that it is a cheaper option than the Titan X and the older dual gtx Titan cards. This means that the cost savings allow a person to upgrade to the latest graphics card without having to make any sacrifices in the other aspects of their compute needs. The price difference between the two cards is actually quite a big difference and one that have the potential to bring in a lot of cash when it comes to purchasing the right computer.

Additional Features

With the new architecture and new video cards there are several other new features as well. The most notable is the inclusion of the new PhysX feature which allows a player to take advantage of the real-world physics that is provided by the game and create the experience more lifelike. The new feature works with a great new feature called the Accelerated Game Experience (AGX), which is design to make gaming more realistic and help the players feel as if they are part of the action. AGX also provides graphical upgrades that can be use on both the Titan cards and the new graphics cards. All of these features and the great price tag have created a great new line of video cards that is becoming very popular among gamers around the world.

If you are someone who has been looking for a high-end card that will offer many benefits and plenty of capabilities then the Titan XP is an excellent choice. It has all the features that you would expect out of a high-end video card and also provides gamers with the visual experience that many want with their games. When it comes to deciding between the Titan XP and the other high-end cards on the market such as the Dual Core Extreme and the overclocked edition of the Titan XP, you really need to take a hard look at the price tag that comes with it. You’ll find that the price tag is extremely affordable, but you still get a powerful processor and powerful video card for your money.