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Ue Mini Boom The Best iPod Accessories on Market

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Design and Size

If there’s one electronic device I’ve spent my money on during my research for my new home theater, it was the UE Mini Boom. It is so small, I can easily pack it in a shirt pocket! It’s also light, so it can be moved about without effort. Best of all, the audio visuals I get from these little babies just blow me away! When I compare them to other similar products out there, I am impressed and excited with the results.

The UE Mini Boom is a small, unassuming Bluetooth speaker, just like its bigger brother, the UEA Stretch. In fact, when not in use, you may barely notice it as it sits neatly within your handbag or pocket. The design of this tiny boom borrows much of what witnessed (and loved) by the UEA Stretch. Although it applies it to a more compact, rounded form factor. While it may not have the same wow factor of the larger model. The UEA Mini Boom gives good service and is a great way to get high quality Bluetooth audio wherever you go.

Main Features

The UE Mini Boom has many features that set it apart from competing devices. First of all, the UEA Boom comes with a neat carrying case to keep it safe while traveling. It also doubles as a great sound generator for any occasion because it has a built in rechargeable battery. When the batteries are dead, simply swap them out for a new pair and enjoy long hours of music or talk time, wherever you are.


The UE Mini Boom’s most striking feature is its air raid function. Once you press and hold the power button, the built in speaker does exactly that and some additional things. It starts emitting white noise to help mask surrounding noises and provide better audio clarity. Because it automatically turns off once the charge on the battery life runs down, it will not be interrupting your favorite audio program or game.

It’s amazing the things people will do with portable Bluetooth speakers these days. While they were once meant mainly for those looking to listen to music, today’s electronic gadgets pack enough power to blow any listener’s mind. Many people utilize their radio as their primary source of audio. With this amazing portable Bluetooth speaker, you can turn just about any car into a portable entertainment center. This air raid functionality makes this product ideal for any driver who desires ease of use and powerful sound quality.


The built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery lets you plug it in for an extended period of time and get maximum battery life. Once the power is turned on, it immediately begins to emit white noise to help filter out outside ambient sounds. You can adjust the volume of your speaker in order to have clear audio and minimize background chatter. Because the UE Mini Boom uses a standard DIN six conductor hookup. It is compatible with most audio devices that use DIN connections, including iPods, MP3s and other portable media players. You can also connect the speaker wirelessly to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet.

The UE Mini Boom comes complete with two double A batteries. A USB cable, and the adapter kit that plug into the vehicle’s cigarette light to charge both batteries. Although you can plug the speaker into a cigarette lighter port in order to charge the batteries. Most people prefer to use the supplied adapter to ensure that they remain safely inside the vehicle during a long trip. Because the UE Boom uses the same high-tech DIN connector as the larger UE Car Stereo Speakers. With the help of using the adapters ensures that your audio will play . Through even the most incompatible car audio systems. This companion app, along with the superior audio quality of the UE Mini Boom. It makes this speaker an excellent choice for anyone interested in improving their car stereo sound.


The UE Mini Boom is a compact, inexpensive device that offers superior sound quality. While at the same time minimizing any potential energy drain on the owner’s device. With a long battery life and a variety of applications. The UE Mini Boom is an excellent companion app for any iPod or Bluetooth enabled device. Even if you don’t use this Bluetooth speaker with your iPod or other portable device. The included adapter allows you to enjoy your favorite music without having to leave your car. While this speaker does require a bit of charging every time you want to use it. The battery life is long enough to allow you to enjoy hours of entertainment on a single charge. For all of its features and benefits. The UE Boom truly is one of the best and cheapest iPod accessories on the market today.

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