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Fiio M9 series Smart Design and Functionality

fiio m9 series


The FiiO M9 series of amplifiers is a new addition to the world of cheap mobile audio devices. Designed to play it all, the M series offers high-resolution audio for your mobile entertainment needs. Sporting the industry standard Aptana WCDJ 2.4GHz/5.8GHz, this line of amplifiers. This is perfect for laptops, notebooks, desktop computers, and even PDAs. Capable of handling heavy loads, they are also very dependable performers, delivering clear audio without distortions or blockages. Available in multiple colors and powerful capabilities, these versatile FiiO amplifiers are a great addition to any mobile device.

New Generation

With the new generation of mobile streaming devices, like the iPad and the Kindle, users are more interested in finding products that can take care of all their audio needs. The newly released FiiO M9 series of amplifiers seems to be able to do it all; coming in sleek designs, they are suitable for almost any environment. Firing up to 100% signal levels. They are capable of delivering crystal clear digital audio from a laptop, smart phone, or an MP3 player.

Available in three sizes, the FiiO M series offers variable wattage options. The two different power modes – Auto and Variable – provide. The user with the ability to set power requirements based on different working conditions. The M series also features a unique feature: the optional KNC Control. With the KNC feature, users can control m9 automatically when a hands-free kit is used.

Main Features

Like many other high-quality wireless communication devices. The Fios M series also has a couple of features that will help you take advantage of its amazing performance. With built-in MOSFETs and high resolution RF circuitry, the m9 works flawlessly in any environment and at any time. The built-in speaker port utilizes standard RCA connectors. So no need to change anything on your desktop. Furthermore, greater audio performance, include the optional VGA output port and the Analog HDMI port. It is allowing you to send audio information from your computer to the headphone or earphone with complete ease.

The Fios M series allows for a revolution in the world of streaming media. Moreover, for the ultimate experience, stream live television online using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Now, you can see and hear your favorite shows and sporting events. With right through your headphones while you are on the go. The powerful technology inside the m9 lets you enjoy full HD audio resolution. It is with up to 90 channels of music, video and television programming.

Source of Entertainment

The latest mobile devices with Bluetooth capability are capable of supporting High Definition Audio. It recently started supporting High Speed USB 2.0 technology. It’s a shame when these standards are so far behind. But the good news is that now the latest smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities support High Definition Audio as well. The amazing thing about this new technology is that it will work seamlessly with your HDTV. Its meaning you can enjoy movies and music even when travelling or simply sitting down to watch them. You’ll be able to view your favorite shows and music videos in high definition. Thanks to the superior clarity and sound. However, you can now connect your headphones or earbuds to the device and enjoy these features with the theater-quality sound. This is coming through your headphones or earbuds, making it more than just another means of connection.

If you’re looking for a perfect media player for your home entertainment needs. But don’t want to sacrifice the quality of sound, then look no further than the Fiio M9 series. The Voicemail and call features of the device make it a solid addition to any home environment. For those who use their laptops for working or typing on the computer. USB Type-C port is provided for this function. This port can also be used to charge the device. But the headphone output works great for blocking out other ambient noises. There are also no display interference thanks to the large display. Which allowing you to view videos and music in the clearest picture and sound possible.

Best Feature

One of the best things about the Fiio M9 is the physical keys. Located on the left edge of the device. These keys are well placed and provide an easy to use navigation for all users. In addition to the functional keys. It include the volume control, sleep timer, alarm clock, phone book, calculator. The like, you can also access your personal contacts from within the control center. With a combination of the single touch functionalities. All major functions can be performed with just one hand, making it a complete entertainment package.