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Fluance RT82 Turntables – An Overview

Fluance RT82 Turntables

The Fluance RT82 is a top-of-the-line, precision-tuned, double-gauss double-driver recording console. Experience unparalleled double vinyl music playback with the Fluance Reference High Fidelity turntable. Meticulously crafted from the ground up for today’s discerning vinyl lover, the Fluance Reference has all of the features that set it apart from other precision-tuned audio equipment. With onboard controls designed for all style of musical taste and preference, the Reference has been designed with the comfort of the hands in mind. Best of all, many models are also compatible with traditional record and play formats, including the classic LP, CD, and MP3.

Price and availability

Many people mistakenly believe that the perfect way to get their records and other audio systems ready to rock is by buying and installing an expensive high-end system, like the popular Fluance RTA. However, the Fluance RTA is not designed for the rich and famous. These models of precision-tuned turntables are intended for all types of consumers. Who are interested in a reliable and easy-to-use media player. With the Reference turntables, you can enjoy music without having to spend hours trying to decipher. What is going on in the inner workings of your record player. The smooth operation of the finance rt82 makes it easy to use. So you can quickly and easily transition from one track to another.

Easy to use

Another reason to choose the Fluance RT82 turntable is the ease of use. The tonearm sits atop the console, rather than resting behind a door on the outside of the unit. This provides a more secure listening experience because the tonearm does not have to be moved as much. This makes it easier to locate the needle as you move across the vinyl. Also, the weight of the tonearm makes it more sturdy and stable, making it more comfortable for you to use for hours on end.

You can feel confident that the Fluance RTA is the right choice if you are seriously into the world of hi-fi stereo systems. Its compact size makes it perfect for those who want to take their music collection with them wherever they go. And since it comes with a five-year warranty, you know that you are getting a quality product. When you are done using the vinyl records, you can simply remove the tonearm and insert it back into the console. The tonearm will then snugly fit back into the console on the same spot where it came from.

Sound quality

Another advantage of the Fluance RTA turntables is their sound quality. They are equipp with precision circuitry so you get a high fidelity sound without sacrificing the convenience and comfort of playing. With an MP3 player, you would need to have an external audio device just to play your records because the built-in players for record players tend to give out low sounds. The high fidelity of the audio produce by the fluance rt82 is superior to other brands. The built-in speakers of the units are design in such a way that they can produce louder sounds even when the volume is turn down.


Like the other products of the Fluance Company, the Fluance RTA Turntables is also well crafted. There are a number of consumer reviews that highlight this fact. In fact, a good number of customers have stated that they love the built-in speakers of the turntables. This is especially true for those who were really impress by the built-in feature of the Fluance RTA. This simple yet sophisticated feature has praise by most customers who have purchased the product. If you want a device that has excellent quality coupled with affordability, then you should definitely think about the Fluance RT82 Turntables.

All in all, the design and build quality of the Fluance RTA turntable are above average. The built-in phono preamp is a great addition to this kind of product and comes with a standard headphone jack. That plugs into the back of the machine. So you will not need to worry about headphones when listening to your favorite tunes. Also, the rubber feet on the unit make for an enjoyable experience when you are listening to your tunes. Also there is nothing else you need. That is to be concerned about when using the Fluance RTA turntable in your home.

Other Features

Like all other products from Fluance, the Fluance RTA Turntables comes with an audio output section. That is also called the phono section. This is the section where you can insert your own music player. This is an ideal setup for people who love to listen to their favorite artists and genres. It is without having to use expensive headphones or stereos. Another great thing about the built-in phono section of the RTA is that it lets you switch from direct audio to a VST-compliant version of the audio file. That you have loaded into the unit. This is very useful if you want to use your machine in a professional setting. So if you want to convert a file into a digital signal. So that can be sent through a VST compliant interface.


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