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Tigervpn Review – Why Is It So Good?

TigerVPN Review

In this TigerVPN review, we’ll go over some important information about this very new and hot service. We’ll look at pricing, what’s available, pros and cons of using this program, and the one-click installation process. After reading this brief review, you should be aware of exactly why it’s worth considering for your private VPN needs. And hopefully you’ll feel more comfortable with the selection and ease of use that this program offers.

Tigervpn Review- Pricing

First, let’s go over pricing. As we noted in our previous Tigervpn Review, different types of VPNs work at different levels on pricing. A basic plan with fewer limits, like the free VPNs we’ve previously described, is probably the best choice for most users. However, there are also quite reasonable rates offered by other providers as well.

Significant Topic- Tigervpn Review

That brings us to two important topics: what are your goals for using a VPN, and how fast do you want your internet to be? In the Tiger VPN review we did, we mentioned speed as an important factor when choosing a VPN provider. To keep with our comparison of typical VPN providers, we’ll compare them on both speed and set up. While many providers offer similar plans in terms of the number of “cable” sites that they manage, the speeds on offer will vary greatly.

In order to see how well a provider meets its claims of fast speeds, we’ll check their track records. In the US, there aren’t many open ports of access to the world, so we won’t be able to see what, if any, traffic is passing through the US network. For international use, however, there is plenty of data available through an examination of the company’s logs. Using the data to see where the company might have traffic going through the network, as well as logging into the live chat application (which you should always do from a remote computer, even if you’re at home), we can see if they’re using their bandwidth in an appropriate way.

Services it Provide

For our Tigervpn review, we decided to take a look at their performance in relation to their unlimited data plan. In the US, they have servers in Texas, Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco, London, and Spain. They claim that they have backup servers in four different countries. The US network itself isn’t that large, so even with six backup sites, that would be a lot of US data moving through at once. Given the speed of the US internet connection, and the fact that most consumers never experience problems with it, this doesn’t seem like a particularly high number.

For international use, they also offer four locations: Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Netherlands. They claim almost fifty million customers so this is quite a popular service. However, given the lack of availability at the US locations, you shouldn’t count on getting any help or support from them. If you would really want to be connected with anyone around the world at unlimited speed and with no problems, however, you should consider one of the other providers. This provider has global priority support in over forty countries. That’s probably more than you need.


One feature that this company offers that we don’t see too often in an IT company is killed Switching. Having this, a hacker can temporarily deny access to a network and thus reduce the risk of unauthorized access. With a normal service provider, a hacker could break into your system and take down your entire network with just a few basic attacks. Tigervpn, a customer support agent can set up a secure tunnel for you that will prevent these attacks, at least for a while.

Another important feature of this service is the ability to block Web pages that have been found to have illicit material such as pictures or videos. You can also set up a separate web browsing activity for personal use and another one for business use. In order to protect your privacy, this company adds an encryption layer onto all of your data so that even if someone does manage to get through the security, they would still be unable to read anything you have posted or accessed online.

This is important because it means that even if a hacker is able to get past the security on your network. He or she won’t be able to read any of your personal information because you have encrypted everything. Even when the hacker manages to bypass the encryption. The information still remains encrypted and thus this prevents them from being able to read it.

Pros & Cons of Tigervpn Review

Overall, this company provides good customer support and good protection against hackers by using their Kill Switching. It also do private proxy along with a wide variety of apps, including a couple of VPN applications. If you are looking for a complete private VPN solution, you should definitely check out the Tigervpn review. With an easy to use interface, fast speeds, and a great privacy policy. This company has set the bar quite high for other companies. The price, however, may put some users off, especially if they have had problems with other providers in the past.