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Acer ChromeBook R11 – A Smart Touchpad With Little Auto-correct

Acer ChromeBook R11 - A Smart Touchpad With Little Auto-correct

Acer ChromeBook R11

Acer ChromeBook R11- The new member of the Acer family, is design especially for those who are on the go. It is incredibly slim and beautiful with a full QWERTY keyboard complete with indicators and volume controls. The new ChromeBook R11 comes preloaded with Google Android OS which means you have an excellent viewing experience no matter what you’re doing. The built in browser is extremely fast, browsing your favourite web pages is a breeze with up to 2 million web pages open at any one time. With everything you want at your fingertips the Acer Chromebook R11 is a great mobile companion.

With a stunning six-inch display, the Acer ChromeBook R11 gives you the ultimate in portable entertainment. The touch screen is extremely responsive to your movements so you never get frustrated. In fact using the convertible feature you can quickly turn it into a tablet mode allowing you to enjoy movies, read eBooks or just do something that feels natural.

Multi-Functional Ability

With the Acer ChromeBook R11 you can turn it into almost anything you wish. You can use it as a tablet PC, a media player, a laptop and even a gaming device. In a nutshell the way the tablet looks and behaves is very much like the real thing giving you the best of both worlds. When you first lay your eyes on it you may think that it’s just another tablet but when you pick it up it feels much more substantial than your average laptop. The weight is extremely light, which is a big bonus if you travel a lot as your bag will appreciate its portability.

Apps Galore on the Aperia E and the Acer ChromeBook R11 with its bundled Google Docs. Google Docs is arguably one of the most popular apps available for this type of device. However, thanks to the multi-orientation interface it’s been redesigned to be usable on a variety of hardware. You can use it to create spreadsheets or to simply make a note of important information. If you use the touchscreen to tap into the text or to draw what you are trying to indicate you are not actually tapping into a virtual document but accessing it from your own fingers.

Battery Power of Acer ChromeBook R11

Battery life on the acer ChromeBook R11 was poor to start with. It lasted for just 6 hours on the lowest brightness setting. The high battery life may be due to the mixed workload of the different applications running during use but it still left many people disappointed. Luckily there is a fix for this. You can download Google Android Studio plug-in from Google play which enables you to automatically optimize your system for your particular device type. This reduces the number of background services which will drain your battery. It will also allows you to run multiple apps at the same time without any significant loss in battery performance.

Pros and Cons of Touch Sensitive Keys

The touch sensitive keys on the keyboard of the Acer ChromeBook R11 were difficult to use for me. It took a little practice to get used to them. I found that sometimes the sensitivity of the keys was working against me. It became frustrating trying to type on these little screens. I would hit one key on accident and then have to start typing again because I had hit another key. On the plus side, these small keys are perfect for those of us who need to type quickly for a meeting or a short text message.

Transferring The Files- A Little Difficult Task In Acer ChromeBook R11

Transferring files between the PC and the ChromeBook R11 was a little difficult until I learned about Google drive. Drive allows you to upload any documents that are on your Gmail or Google Docs account directly to your Chrome OS device. It is as easy as clicking the plus sign icon in the Files app on the top right of your screen. This makes it very easy to access all of your docs from anywhere with an internet connection.


Overall, the battery life on the Acer ChromeBook R11 was poor. I needed to leave my work program running while I went to bed to conserve battery life. Also, if you are like me and do not want to carry your smartphone with you everywhere you go, the lack of a physical keyboard may be too much for you to handle. Other than that, this is a very useful little laptop that works well for those who need an all around machine with many functions.

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