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The LG G7 Fit Review: Best Mobile

The LG G7 Fit Review: Mobile Phones

LG G7 Fit Review – Why Should You Buy It? LG is a South Korean electronics manufacturer that has been making high-quality cell phones and other products for consumers for quite some time. It’s a bit of a given that their phones are top notch, but did you know they are also one of the most durable manufacturers out there? Here’s a closer look at what makes the LG G7 a great choice for anyone who wants a phone that is both durable and stylish.

Design that draws you right in. The LG G7 fits right into your palm as if it were made to fit into your hand. Get totally immersed in the large QHD+ Fullvision screen, crafted from strong, lightweight metal and glass in a unisex design that feels completely natural to hold. Enjoy clearer, more vivid visuals on an impressive five.1″ QHD+ capacitive display – even better than the iPhone 6s.

Display of LG G7 Fit Review

Low Light Performance. The LG G7 fits into a crowd of smartphones that favor big, beautiful displays in low light conditions. The dual LED Turbo technology ensures bright, crisp pictures are always ready to go. Even the low light mode runs at full speed and gives you an amazing degree of detail in your shots. The battery life is also a major plus, lasting through a day with no hassle.

The LG G7 Fit Review: Features

Fingerprint Sensor. The LG G7 fits right in the tradition of smartphones with no fingerprint sensor, which is a real disappointment for some. This phone sports an impressively large fingerprint sensor, allowing you to conveniently unlock your phone without having to fidget with a tiny finger. The phone’s fingerprint sensor isn’t for getting into contact with your friends, though. IA fingerprint sensor on phones like the iPhone is a necessary compromise for performance and security. The fingerprint sensor on the LG G7 Fit simply does not deliver.

Solid construction. A lot of smartphones fall apart after only a few uses, but the LG G7 fits right in the thick and heavy crowd of smartphones. The phone’s robust body and glass design make it feel solid. If you’re used to holding traditional smartphones, you’ll appreciate how solid this phone looks, with its metal edges and smooth edges.

A Compatible Device

Big screen. The LG G7 fits comfortably into your pocket, thanks to its impressively large display. In fact, the phone easily feels out of proportion with its tiny form. Its six-inch screen gives you plenty of space to browse the web and send email, although you will find that the screen is occasionally hard to read when you get close to it. =

Rear camera issues. The LG G7 Fit features one main camera, but unfortunately it’s far too small to take high-quality pictures. Fortunately, the rear camera is still great, however; it has a decent lens and comes with an auto focus option. You can also download the Android interface on the back of the phone to take better pictures and videos, although the front-facing cameras just aren’t as effective. The LG G7 Fit have a larger rear camera to improve the quality of the photos you shoot.

Battery life. Although the LG G7 Fit features a large battery, it doesn’t last very long. If you’re thinking of using this as your only smartphone, you might find yourself wishing for a bigger one soon enough. It lasts for a couple of hours on a single charge, which isn’t particularly impressive.