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Nintendo Switch Mods- Get Most Nintendo Switch Modules & Games

Nintendo Switch Mods


While most consumers are content with the power and performance of their Nintendo Switch, there are some enthusiasts who like to have fun by modding their system. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you might think to mod your Nintendo Switch, and it can even be fun and exciting. But please proceed at your own caution because there are some very serious things you should know about these mods before attempting them.

Nintendo Switch Mods Can Perform as 3D Printer

One popular mod you can perform on your Nintendo Switch is turning the built-in speaker of the console into a 3D printer. You simply disconnect the joy-con and then insert a USB cable into the USB slot of the printer. Once you plug the device into the computer, the printer is ready for use. Simply make note of which device goes where – you’ll need to unplug the device from the computer before you can insert the 3D printer into the Switch’s slot. There is no risk of permanent damage to your Switch, but it’s probably not a very good idea to try this mod if you do not have a USB cord handy.

Nintendo Switch Mods- Micro USB Port into a Flash Drive

Another of the many Switch mods out there involves turning the Switch’s built-in micro USB port into a flash drive. Similar to the 3D printer modification, all you need to do is connect the micro USB port into the computer. After that, you can insert the flash drive into the Switch’s slot, and it will work like a regular flash drive. Keep in mind that you will need to have an SD card reader to attach the device to the Switch, and you must always keep the card’s reader around when you are using the device.

Switch’s Dock as a TV Stand

Perhaps the most common mod for the Nintendo Switch out there involves replacing the switch’s dock with something more useful, like a stand for your TV. Some people prefer to have both a stand and the dock permanently attached to the console. If you want to keep the dock at the office or in the vehicle, a simple mod will let you easily disconnect it and keep it from affecting your game play. For those who still want the dock to be part of the original design, these quick modding techniques will allow you to add a stand to the Nintendo Switch.

Display- Nintendo Switch Mods

The standard Nintendo Switch comes with a black console with red buttons and a center light. Most Switch mods include a paint job that match the console, as well as a front light of some sort. While some people may think that a simple paint job will enhance the Switch’s looks too much, it is actually one of the most practical mods for the Switch. The paint job will hide fingerprints, and it will also help reduce glare. While you will still be able to see the console from across the room, switching between games becomes much easier. Because the Switch’s light will be hidden, making it easier to see your character in third person view.

Colour Choice

If you prefer a different shade of blue for the joy-cons than the standard Nintendo Switch offers, you can find numerous Switch mods that will allow you to change your Switch’s skin in a number of different patterns. Some of the available skins are frost, metallic gold, metallic silver, and pure white. No matter what skin tone you prefer, Switch skins will give you a sleek, modern look that will go well with almost any home interior.

Nintendo Switch Mods

Covers For Nintendo Switch Mods

One of the more popular Nintendo Switch mods is a cover for the joy-cons. Instead of having to remove the Joy-con completely from the console to clean out all the dust and grime, this mod will help you keep your controllers and the Joy-cons cleaner. Made of soft cloth vinyl, a cover for the controllers allows you to continue playing while the Joy-cons are covered, and it keeps everything in the console case neat and tidy. This mod works particularly well if you have an open-box Nintendo Switch, since the cover prevents the device from being accidentally thrown into a pile of papers or other items. You can also use the Switch sock, which attaches to the bottom of your Joy-cons to keep them neatly tucked away.

If you like the look of the original Nintendo Switch, but you also want to be able to take it on the go, you might consider a portable Switch. There are several different options you can choose from, including a portable Joy-con, a mobile rechargeable batter, or a universal remote that works with almost any mobile device. A popular choice among these modders is a Switch backpack or carrying case that doubles as a d-pad. With its rubberized exterior and Velcro straps, this mod is the best choice for someone who wants the portability of a traditional Nintendo Switch, while taking it with them wherever they go.