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Galaxy Tab S4 Vs S6 – Is There Really A Difference?

Galaxy Tab S4 Vs S6

Is There Really A Difference Between Galaxy Tab S4 Vs S6?

The big question is – which phone is the better of the two – the Galaxy Tab S4 vs the S6? That is a good question and yet it really comes down to what the features of each are and how they will work for you. It is a little bit like comparing the iPod to the iPhone to the HTC Evo Shift. They both do the same thing, but one has a lot more options and capabilities. Here are some of my thoughts on which device will be able to fulfill your multimedia needs the best.

Capabilities of Tab S4 Vs. S6

First, let’s look at the capabilities of the Tab S4 vs the S6. Both phones allow for a standard in-built video experience with all of the standard features. The Tab S4 has the ability to import videos from your digital camera, allowing you to edit them and make your own video. You can also upload your photos and videos straight from your photo library. The Tab S6 does not have as many capabilities, but at least you can import your video files from other devices like camcorders instead of having to import everything from your digital camera.

Similar Features of Tab S4 Vs. S6

Both devices are available with the same basic features. For example, both have the ability to search for your contacts. You can send and receive emails in the same manner. They do have different feature sets though.

Different Video Experiences

One of the biggest differences between the two phones is the video experience. The Tab S4 is equipped with a bigger, higher resolution screen. This helps to deliver crystal clear video images like you would see on a camcorder. However, you will need to use the HD mode which takes the quality of the video slightly lower to avoid blurring. You will also notice a difference in picture quality while watching videos with the Tab S4 vs the S6.

Tab S4 Live Flip Vs. Tab S6 Three Viewing Modes

The Tab S4 has one really nice feature called Live Flip. This allows you to take an image or video and flip it over on the unit to see two new sides. This is a great feature because it gives you more options when changing your display. In the case of the Tab S6, there are three different viewing modes. You can view the video from the front, the back, and the top.

Calculator with Additional Features

One of the better features of this phone is the calculator. There is an app for it that allows you to do some quick math just by clicking the buttons on the calculator. It is one of those gimmicks that makes it seem like everything on the phone is a huge gem. On the S6, you cannot download apps directly from the Google Play Store. That means that you have to go through a series of hoops and it is generally not as useful as most of the apps in the store.

Gimmicks In Galaxy Tab S4 to S6

Another one of those gimmicks is the ability to listen to music and podcasts with the Galaxy Tab S4 to S6. While this feature works quite well, it does not work as well as the iPhone for listening to music. Of course, if you are not going to be typing out long documents then this feature will probably not matter too much. If you plan on spending hours of your day doing word processing, though, the difference will come in during the day. This is also one of the better Galaxy Tab S4 vs S6 reviews because it does seem to be a little bit more functional.


If all of these features sound like they are a little too much, there is another feature worth considering. The Tab S4 allows you to use both Google Maps and PayPal as payment methods. This is a fantastic feature that is definitely worth checking out. With such a solid phone, it would be silly not to take advantage of all of the things that it has to offer.