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LG V70 Flagship Performance Review

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A new leak claims that the LG V70 is set to be launched in early 2021. According to this new leak, the mobile was being readied by the Korean manufacturing giant for a release sometime in the next year. This would mean that the LG V70 would feature one of the most advanced mobile platforms launched so far this year – Android. The leaked report does not specify which handset the LG V70 is going to sport or if it will be an all new model or an enhanced version of its existing LG Lifestyle smartphone.

It is believed that the LG V70 would feature a powerful chipset such as the Dual Shot 2.4GHz from Samsung. This would be a significant boost to the mobile’s speed and performance, allowing it to compete with devices like the iPhone and Nokia. It would also provide the platform for several features such as BBM or Facebook messenger, which are use on smartphones to enable fast chat. The leak further indicates that the LG V70 would also sport a stunning dual screen LCD panel, similar to the ones used in HTC Desire and iPhone. These dual screens are believed to be curved, giving the phone a unique shape. In fact, it is not uncommon to find dual screen phones being manufactured for 2021.

The leak also suggests that the LG V70 would run on a new UI, something. That has not been seen till date on any of its predecessors. The layout of the interface closely resembles that of Apple’s iPhone. Acts as a platform for LG to experiment with new products before introducing them into the market. The rumors further suggest that the device would come equipped with a large storage space for data. Which can either be format using internal memory or external memory depending on the preference of the user.

The phone’s memory would most probably be slightly bigger than that of the iPhone. It would enable it to store more songs and movies. However, it would be very unlikely that the device would feature a large storage capacity, as the iPhone and its brand mates have proven time and again that they are the champions when it comes to storage space.

The rumors further indicate that the LG V70 would feature a dual camera setup. One of the recent upgrades that are look on high-end smartphones. The leaks further indicate that the LG V70 would come equipped with a 16-megapixel camera. Although this is not confirm now. The LG V70 would most probably come with an optical zoom feature. It is similar to that of the iPhone. However, there is also a rumor that suggests that the LG V70 would feature a digital zoom feature. Whether this is true or not remains to see.

The LG V70’s biggest weakness remains the absence of a micro SD slot. This could be a problem, especially as many people prefer to take videos with their smartphones. Despite this, it is believe by some analysts that the lack of such a facility may actually help the LG get a better grip on the US smartphone market, where the absence of a standard card is  a big disadvantage. The lack of a microSD slot is  a prime reason why the LG V70 may be price so low. But this is only a perception, as the LG has big rivals in the smartphone space and the company always manages to underperform the competition.

If the rumors are true, then the LG V70 could be making a big comeback in the next few months. As the holidays are fast approaching. A lot of people have already purchased the LG V20. So the company must have something new in store for its fans. With the launch of the LG G5, it would only be natural for the South Korean company. It is to bring out its new flagship smartphone. While the LG G5 is  introduce after two and a half years. Many are expecting the LG V70 to perform better than its predecessors. In fact, the LG V70 is expecting to do better than the LG G4 . Even surpass the LG G4’s score of 5.5 inches in the smartphone war.

This is why the LG V70 should have a bigger storage capacity. Than what we have seen from the previous and current LG smartphones. With the LG V70 ThinQ Anniversary, we may see an improvement in the storage department, which will be very useful if we want to store more apps on our smartphones. However, many users do not agree with the notion. That a smartphone needs to be an “app drawer”. Some users have come to appreciate the usefulness of the built-in widgets. That come as a part of an android operating system. The biggest gripe of users is the presence of some apps that are not compatible with the default apps of an android device. Such as Facebook and MySpace, which are two of the biggest social networking sites on the planet.

Although the LG G5 has received mostly positive reviews so far. It is still a good idea to wait for a few weeks before judging whether this smartphone will live up to the expectations or not. The company has been a late entrant into the smartphone market. But it seems that they have already conquered their niche. LG is also gearing up for the next generation of smartphones. They are releasing two new flagships this coming autumn. These devices will have an enhanced graphical user interface, as well as the long awaited dual-core processor. Only time will tell, but it would be safe to say that the LG G series will be around for a while.