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Pokemon Sword Or Shield Better?

Pokemon Sword Or Shield Better?


The winner in new in-house battle versus all players is Pokemon sword or shield. Pokemon sword and shield are about one month away from release, so the final decision will be making which version to get. This is a big debate for a lot of people. Some say it’s better than Diamond, some say it’s better than Crystal.

Pokémon Sword or Shield: A Better Version

I personally feel that Pokemon sword and shield dlc is better than Diamond. This is because the new features that are included in this version, like the customizable character, make this version a better game overall. This customizable character allows players to personalize their Pokemon, making every battle unique. You can also use the customization feature to change your Pokemon’s abilities. This feature is great because you can’t always depend on your Pokemon to do the same move when you don’t have anything handy to switch it to.

This isn’t my only reason either. I like the story behind Pokemon sword and shield much more than I like diamond and crystal. I believe it has its own charm, and I think it’s actually better than Diamond in some aspects. Pokemon sword and shield have a much better story behind it and give you a reason to download the app. I personally believe that Pokemon sword and shield all is still like better cutscenes, but that’s a personal opinion.

Amazing Feature

Pokemon sword and shield have many unique features that can’t be found on other apps. For example, this version features a new mini game called the Pokemon moon fantasy. The goal of the mini-game is to find a mythical called “the guardian”. You have to collect Pokemon all over the world and use them in battle to save the world and beat all trainers.

Pokémon Sword or Shield: Best Gift

There are also mini-games such as challenge episodes. These are very similar to the evolve episode from Diamond and Crystal, but instead of getting bottle caps, you get extra hearts, coins, and even Pokemon swords. You can pickpocket the guardian, then send it into battle to fight it out. After each win, the Pokemon gets to leave the dream state. When you beat the guardian in a certain episode, you get to pickpocket it again and try to send it into battle. There are also special episodes where you have to catch as many Pokemon as possible in the game.

Pikachu Is Back

On top of all the fun that is include with the Pokemon sword and shield, it also brings back one of the most important elements of Pokemon games. That element is the pikachu companion Pokemon. Hoothunnel, where Pokemon were first found, is now an important city that has many Pokemon living there. This gives the impression that Pokemon were originally find in the world of Hoothunnel.

All of this just makes sense. The poker guys should have at least put in a mention on the YouTube video that says how shiny the Pokemon sword is when you buy it. It’s clear that they want to include something that ties in with the new story that is told in the first expansion. Of course, not everything is explain in the video, but it’s still pretty good!

While it may seem that the voice actors of the Pokemon games don’t really get pay much, they do! This shouldn’t be too hard to realize. The people who actually make the Pokemon games make sure that the characters are as realistic and as deep as possible. They pay good money to get their characters to sound as great as they can, and the new weapons and Pokemon shields will certainly help out with that. If you are someone who wants to invest in the Pokemon series, then make sure to start looking into the pok mon day brings with it a new mentor, dogo master mustard.

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