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Know About The Process Of Dye Sublimation Printing In Detail


If you are willing to print products that don’t fade with time and remain for years, here is a useful technique for you. Moreover, if you have requirements for getting products that have different colors and the best resolution quality, you need to use this printing method for sure.

Nowadays, many graphic clothes, home decor equipment, and other advertising displays use a printing method to get the brand logo on that specific best product. Dye sublimation is the one that aims to deliver vigorous and long-lasting graphics on the substrate.

Before moving further, you need to know what sublimation printing is. Also why it has become so effective in the industry. Read on to know in detail!

What do you mean by sublimation printing?

Don’t get confused with the name! It may sound like a complex process that requires technical knowledge, but you will find it very easy and simple to understand.

We all know what the term sublimation stands for. Describing the printing technique refers to the method in which the artwork gets transferred to a specific object in the gaseous state with the use of a heat press for high temperatures. How it differs from the other methods is by skipping the liquid step during the process. There will be no drying of the ink on the printed object. 

How dye sublimation printing is gets carried out?

In the process, the image initially gets saturated on the source printing paper, leaving very little heap and making the complete process fast and easy for the particular printing method. The heat further gets used for transferring the image to the object from the paper. 

This type of custom sublimation printing gets utilized by different businesses and industries that are willing to create graphics on garments, or on any other substrate related to home decor or daily use items, painting. 

What kind of products can get printed with dye sublimation printing?

Beginners must be keen to know what kind of printing can get printed with this method. To your knowledge, here is the list of items given in detail.

  • Dye sublimation is perfect for the rigid substrate that is basically polymer-treated objects. Take the example of non-fabric objects like plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. They don’t get bonded like the fabrics.
  • There are also blank rigid products that can be purchased in bulk like cell phone covers, customized mousepads, etc.
  • Sublimation also gets used in the eCommerce business. You may have seen the banners and other displays for trade shows where this process gets used. Sign Boards outside the shops or buildings are also made by this method. 
  • The next application is for the polyester fabric like custom socks which is the most common application of dye sublimation. There exist 2 categories of polyester fabric, one is knit and the other is woven. 
  • Dye sublimation also has an application area in the businesses that sell the prints to interior designers. The printing can be done on the items of kitchens, bathrooms, and more.
  • Photo Printing is another application area of dye sublimation printing. You can print the images on magnets and garments. 

What is required in the sublimation process?

To carry out the sublimation process, you generally need 5 essential tools.

1. Sublimation printer 

This is the most important thing required to carry out the process. You can use this technology for both homes as well as factory application areas. The prices of printers have been reduced for few years due to the rise in demand. Go for the best quality brands to run the process. 

2. Sublimation paper

By using the sublimation paper, any of the color spectra can be created and transferred to the printing paper that suits best the machine. It is known as sublimation paper printing where one can print the person’s artwork, logo, or any desired design.

3. Software for execution 

The printers that have been used in the sublimation printing include the software that is required to set up the final print. The software used is known as RIP software and they can also be bought separately. The software must have compatibility with the type of printer being used.

4. Mechanism 

The other required item for sublimation includes a cutting device, be it a knife or blade. This is to create an original fabric item. A sewing machine may also be required for edging the material.

5. Heat press

A heat press is a must when it comes to listing for sublimation printing items. Just like a printer is required, the sublimation transfers are available in numerous sizes, models, and coats to meet all your requirements.

What a heat press does is remove the design from the transfer paper on the desired material or substrate. You will get a lively image that does not get faded easily and is suitable for the long run.