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iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs Samsung S20 Ultra

The battle between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung S20 Ultra is one of the most talked about cases of the year. There are a few differences to these two phones that have consumers scratching their heads and wondering which one they should buy. Both of these devices are using the same screen, the iPhone has a bigger display for displaying text and images. This being said, there are a few things that make each device stand out in its own right. So, what are the features that set these two devices apart?

Let’s start with the screen. These two phones feature the same 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen. This is a larger display than what was found on the iPhone, though it is still only a bit smaller than the iPhone’s. Samsung has also made some sacrifices in order to make this phone more pocket friendly, so that it feels more like a mini computer in your hand. One of these sacrifices is the lack of a physical home button, though this can be remedied with an App purchase.

Another difference between the two phones comes in the form of their physical dimensions. The iPhone 12 Pro has a bigger, bulkier design than the S20 Ultra. This is primarily done in order to allow for the larger screen size. However, it also means that the S20 Ultra is the slimmest phone of all time. This may not matter to some consumers, but if you were looking for a phone with a smaller screen that felt better in your hand, then this would be a great choice.

When it comes to sound, both phones allow for earphones. However, the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers such a large speaker that it overshadows the volume of the music playing from the phone. While the earphones on the iPhone are much smaller, they still provide a strong enough sound to be useful.

One thing about these phones that is similar is that they both have extremely large keyboards. The S20 Ultra offers a smaller keyboard, but it does offer a greater variety of options. The iPhone 12 Pro’s keyboard is also larger than that offered on the Samsung. It is hard to imagine typing on one of these phones if you are going to be using it for simple text messaging. If you need to type up a report or want to send emails to clients, then this is the phone for you.

One huge feature between these two phones is the Internet capability. Because they are both large in size, it can be difficult to view web pages on a small phone. Fortunately, both phones offer Wi-Fi compatibility, which means that you can surf the Internet wirelessly even when on the go. Another advantage to the Internet capabilities of these phones is that both support high definition video calling. This feature is especially helpful if you are trying to make long calls and do not have time to watch a video on your phone.

The feature set of these two phones are similar, but the differences begin with the way that the iPhone operates. You have a larger selection of apps to choose from, which makes the iPhone user experience all the more enjoyable. In contrast, the S20 Ultra is lacking when it comes to basic apps. The phone also lacks any sort of internal memory. These phones run for only around one hour on a charge, which is rather short for a smartphone.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has all the features you would expect from a large phone, including a large , a large keyboard, and plenty of software options. The screen is easy to use for even beginners, as it offers large icons and buttons. You will also find that the phone includes many extra helpful features, such as a navigation bar and an address book. In addition to all of these, the phone also offers a wide selection of applications, and most of the games available can be downloaded for free. You may want to consider the iPhone 12 Pro Max over the Samsung S20 Ultra simply because it does everything the latter does, but it does so much more.