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What is the Hydrow Review All About?

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My Hydrow review focuses on the features and benefits of this fitness equipment. As a rower myself, I can say that this piece of home exercise equipment has some great features. It is compact and very easy to store. The fact that it is power by your own bodyweight adds a whole new dimension to working out. It provides a great cardio workout without requiring you to do anything extra.

Main features

So, what’s it all about? My Hydrow review will cover the main features found in this rower. The Hydrow Reality Rower, the storage unit and the live outdoor reality rowing machine. The first thing that people who want to start working out on this piece of equipment. The rowing machine that comes with the rower is not a full actual rower. It is a storage kit that is intend to used by beginners. People who don’t have a lot of space or a dedicated area for a home gym. However, it is still a great piece of equipment overall.

The Hydro is one of the best rowers on the market. Because of how many different types of movements it offers. Not only does it offer full body workouts. It also has some great workout features like the anti-slip grip and pre-loaded weight capacity. With all of these different workout features. There is no question that the rower from Hydrow would be ideal for any serious rower. If you are just starting out and have never used rowing before, then this would be the rower for you.


As far as the Hydrow potential downsides, they pale in comparison to other on-demand rowers. While other rowers can rent it for a set number of sessions. The Hydrow is only use when you have a membership. There is also an option for a single session rental. Then you will only have access to one set of weight configurations. If you are serious about working out and want to maximize your time and effort. Than the on-demand style of Hydrow would be the best choice for you.

The actual cost of ownership of the Hydrow review does not talk about is the . Most people look at the cost of renting a rower and think that is the only the issue. However, the fact is that you need to purchase some sort of membership. A typical yearly cost of $100 makes it a very expensive investment for some people. This should be take into consideration. Especially if you plan on taking up exercise and fitness classes or seriously training yourself with rowing.

What is also missing from this Hydrow review is a concept2 rowing machine review. Concept2 is the manufacturer of many of the popular rowing machines including the Concept2 Almighty. This is a very well esteem name in the rowing machine industry. The company has been around since the early 1990’s and has developed many concepts that would interest serious exercisers. The ability to use resistance to challenge your muscles and build strength. There are two of the many reasons that Concept2 is so popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Hydrow Rower as Cardio Fitness Piece

If you are looking for a cardio fitness piece of equipment that has a lot of bells and whistles. Then you should definitely consider the rower. If you want to experience an indoor rowing experience without having to go to the gym. Then you should also take a look at the Hydro. This is one of the most well smooth rowing machines on the market today. It offers some great cardio benefits and it also offers a full body workout. If you are looking for something that offers a full body workout in a small, convenient package. Then you definitely need to try the Hydrow.

If you are looking for an indoor rowing machine that offers a full body workout. While providing great cardio and fat loss benefits at the same time. You may want to look at the Hydrow rower. There are many great features that are install into this product. Which makes it one of the best on the market. However, like any type of product there are potential downsides. Make sure you read the Hydrow review from an unbiased standpoint.