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Vox Machina Animated – Vox Media’s Animation Series

Vox Machina Animated

Vox Machina Animated – Vox Media, the company behind the Vix Video Platform has recently announced a new feature that they are calling the “Vox Video Magic” experience. Magic Leap at Walt Disney World and by Nintendo with their Project Natal Interactive Experience offers the similar concept. The idea is to take the concepts of Virtual Reality and augmented reality and apply it to video gaming. This would allow the Vox Media platform to give gamers an augmented reality experience where they have the ability to experience real life like graphics and capabilities.

Date of Release

According to the official press release from Vox Media, the new feature will allow the gamer to be able to enjoy their in-game video gaming experience with the aid of Vox Media’s proprietary technology called the Vox Matrix Engine. The engine will also let the gamer connect with their social network and engage in conversations. The researchers in Carnegie Mellon University actually develop the concept of this technology and release as open source software. “Volvo Car Rally”is the first episode, which will air on Tuesday, April 2nd. It will be followed by two more episodes that will air on Wednesday, April 3rd and Wednesday, April 10th. Each of these episodes will feature completely original trailers that were produced by Vox Media.

What You Know About Darrington And His Tecnology

For those who don’t know who Darrington is, he is the director of research and technology at Vix Media. One of the pioneers of augmented reality technologies, he is responsible for creating the software program used within the Vox Movie Studio. In addition, he is responsible for creating the Vox Streaming Platform and the Vox Remote Desktop Software. The interesting thing about these two endeavors is that they are two completely different platforms that were created to be used in conjunction with each other. What does this mean for the Vox Machina animated campaign?

VR Platform

For anyone who has been following the development of the Vox Media product, you will realize that the company has been steadily developing applications and games over the last few years. One of their most popular games is “Voxels: City of Lights”. This VR title was one of the first applications the company develop. That’s why is still one of the most popular ones on the market today. As one would expect, they have also been working on an animated series, which debuted in November of last year. In order to take full advantage of this new medium, Vix decide to develop two separate episodes that will become available for the VR platform. Both of these series are locate within the same world and are interconnect, but the focus on each is different.

Vox Machina Animated- Starbuck

The first of the animated series, “VR CAST” features the main character of Starbuck, played by Kateeene Grog Strongjaw. As the name would imply, the show focuses on the interactions between Starbuck and her various companions. The interesting thing about this character is that she is the only one of the main cast who represents wearing aVR headset. Thus experiences all of the action herself. As you would expect, in the beginning she and the other VR cast members are all seen together. For discussing the different options that are available for the group. Throughout each episode, there is some interaction that can be see between Starbuck and her allies, as well as those opposing them.

Zane in Second Episode

The second episode of the campaign, “VR CAST” focuses on the second character of the series, Zane. However, this time, we find that he has demoted from his position as head of theVR corporation. Thus, it is instead spending most of his time working with the volunteers of theVR organization. Importantly, as you would expect, in the second episode, he begins to build a plan for his future, both professionally and personally. Besides that, when the team decides to go on a mission together, they meet a mysterious man who leads them to the mysterious facility where they will work to eliminate the dragon. The Vox Media team really did put a lot of effort into this campaign, which earned it a second season.

Final Episode of Vox Machina Animated

The final episode of the campaign, “VR CAST” focuses on the last main character of the show, Willow. Tal’dorei find her and take to a secret location where she is confront an ancient warrior who demands that she answer for the death of her family. As the fight progresses, Willow finds herself surrounded by an army of cybernetic dragons. But, she is force to make a decision about her future. The Vox Media team did a great job in developing this final scene, as Willow has a very emotional and interesting decision to make.

Summarising Vox Machina Animated

Overall, it is a fantastic look at the Vox Media development team and how they create interesting characters for the Vox-verse. I am eager to see what their next project will be! For more information on Vox Media and their future projects, be sure to visit their official website at Vixen Cartoon Network.