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The Note 21: A Unique Product for Smartphones That Defines Originality

On Wednesday, Blass released the official timeline of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note. The leak includes a number of interesting details about the Note’s release, including the fact that Samsung is planning to remove the feature-packed, multi-point Android buttons on the sides of the phone. This is a major departure from the current trend for modern smartphones, where navigation functions are always present on the phone’s home screen.

Another detail that we should be paying attention to is the fact that Samsung is planning to ditch the Pen stylus that is used in the Galaxy Note series. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a phone with this feature, and it’s likely to be removed in favor of a physical home button, like that found on the iPhone. We’re also expecting a change to the capacitive screen-scrolling screen of the Note, in favor of a smooth resistive one, similar to the iPhone. This is probably a move to make the Note more palatable to a mainstream audience – after all, people who use smartphones probably aren’t going to be too impressed with a phone that has no keypad.

One other major difference we’re expecting to see is the lack of a headphone jack. Most smartphones have at least one built-in headphone jack, and it’s generally a standard component found on modern smartphones. This change is likely to come about because the Note is set to replace the aging Samsung Galaxy S series, whose headphone jack was only able to take calls due to a single antenna, rather than two. Without the jack, you’ll need to buy an external device to listen to music or podcasts, which could be a real pain for those who enjoy these things. Fortunately, it’s expected that the new Note will also have a QWERTY keyboard, meaning you’ll be able to complete your typing tasks using the keys on the screen.

Another major feature expected to appear on the new Note is the inclusion of Microsoft Office software. The Galaxy Note’s spec list already mentions Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, but it’s unclear whether Microsoft Office will be included as part of the package or not. It’s possible the software won’t be available from Samsung directly, but it’s also possible that the company will license out the software to third parties. With the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry ecosystems floundering, it may simply be an effort to remain a company leader in this sector. If so, it’s a positive sign for Microsoft-and possibly the rest of the mobile computing market – there are few companies currently making phones that run Windows Mobile, so companies that invest in Windows Mobile-based software will become leaders in the industry.

Another feature which has been rumored in the past (and which hasn’t actually been confirmed by Samsung) is the addition of a USB port to the Note series. This may well be a necessity if you want to use the Note’s built-in camera, for example, but it will certainly add to the appeal of the Note series. There’s no doubting that the port would make the device easier to connect to computers and other electronic devices, but it may also make it easier to insert the Note into USB port-compatible computers (or USB card readers). This may therefore be another benefit to consumers, although it’s unlikely to have any significant impact on the Note’s performance.

One other item of note that hasn’t been mentioned so far is the fact that the Note is not expected to feature a touch screen. This is a big mistake, because it makes the device difficult to use if you don’t have a finger or a stylus. Touch screens are becoming more popular all the time, but they’re still relatively rare and expensive, so the Note would be missed had it not featured one. The Note isn’t just a stylus computer, despite what Samsung’s marketing campaigns might try to make us believe. While the Note isn’t likely to replace the typical mobile phone, it’s still one of the most impressive products in the market today, and it features some innovative technologies which are likely to influence consumers in different ways.

So if you’re considering purchasing the Note, you’re probably wondering what else the Note has to offer aside from the stunning looks and high-end features. In terms of software, there are a number of unique features which the Note is unique in, including the Notebook Gear application, which allows you to use your Notebook as a tablet PC. You can use the Note’s built-in camera to take photos or capture text messages, as well as the built-in Notebook Widget, which acts like the Windows Taskbar on your desktop computer – but it displays your notes and widgets on the screen.

But what’s really special about the Note isn’t its hardware – it’s the way that Samsung has customized the Note to work as a more versatile digital assistant than just a traditional mobile phone. With the Note, you can access calendar apps, email services, contacts, and even Google Maps with just a few taps, thanks to an under-display camera which acts as your digital assistant. This truly makes the Note one of a kind, since it’s the only smartphone with a built-in Notebook. With this amazing feature, you won’t have to carry around your laptop any more – just go ahead and bring your Note everywhere you go with the Note 21.