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Quickbooks Update Error 15106: Repair The Issue With SIX Techniques

quickbooks update error 15106

QuickBooks financial software offers thousands of features as well as tools to assist users in managing their daily crucial work. Trusted by numerous accounting professionals and company owners, the software is widely known for accounting software that provides hundreds of features to help business owners and professional accountants. It not only serves clients the best services but also saves cost and time.

Unfortunately, there are some bugs and technical issues that attack the software making it hard for users to work on it. One such problem is QuickBooks Update Error 15106.

Users face this problem mainly during installing new updates because it blocks Quickbooks to update the latest versions. It means the software is either damaged or blocked.

Once you get caught with this problematic issue, your entire screen gets covered up with error code pop-ups. After that, your crucial tasks cannot be completed on time which will hamper your time, productivity, and cost. Hence, you must start the troubleshooting process, because it generates more errors and bugs.

This post involves all aspects of QuickBooks Update Error 15106 in detail, the reasons behind it, and quick fixation steps. Let’s start.

Reasons For Quickbooks Error 15106

This issue causes your screen to throw pop-ups reading: “The update program fails to open”.  be opened”. Few reasons lead to Quickbooks update error 15106 that are explained below:

  • The antivirus present in the system is interrupting the Quickbooks installation process.
  • When you do not sign in with admin rights, you can encounter this error.
  • Spy Sweeper presence.
  • Invalid/wrong User Account Control settings.
  • Some third-party apps or programs are causing this error. 

Fixing The Error 15106 With Quick Techniques

The Quickbooks Update Error 15106 stops users to complete their work making users more frustrated. But with these incredible methods, you can tackle this error in the most convenient way. Let’s get started:

Solution 1: Make QB Compatible with the Existing Version

The first method is making your software compatible with the latest version. This helps the software to work more efficiently. The steps are:

  • Open QuickBooks software.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Help”.
  • Now, select “Update QuickBooks”
  • After that, click on “Mark all” which is under “Options”.
  • Then, hit “Save”.
  • Tap on “Update Now”.
  • Mark “Reset Update Now”. 
  • Moving on, click “Get Updates”.
  • If Quickbooks error code 15106 is again annoying then you can move to solution number 2.

Solution 2: Log in as an Admin

When you don’t log in with your username, you don’t receive complete access to the system data. It can lead to more errors. To avoid it, the steps are:

  • Firstly, you need to right-tap on the QB icon.
  • Now pick the option “Run as Administrator”. 
  • After that, give your credentials.
  • Hit “OK”. 

This trick is important in kicking out the nagging issue you are encountering.

Solution 3: Checking WebRoot Spyware Sweeper

To check the running status of WebRoot Spyware Sweeper. The instructions are:

  • Firstly, you need to open “Task Manager”.
  • Now, navigate to “More Details”.
  • Then, inside “Processes” find Spysweeper.exe to check its running status.

To repair Quickbooks Update Error 15106, you can uninstall the software. To do that, you will have to navigate to the option “Add/Remove Programs”. Let’s check the steps in detail.

  • To begin the troubleshooting process, hover to “Add or Remove Programs”. Click on it.
  • Find “Spy sweeper”.
  • Thereafter, “Uninstall” it.
  • At last, restart the PC. You can now install QuickBooks updates.

Solution 4: Disable that User Account Control

To disable UAC, the steps are:

  • Hold “Windows + R” in order to open “Run”. 
  • Write up “Control Panel”.
  • Hit “OK”.
  • Hover to “User Accounts”.
  • Now choose “User Accounts”.
  • Click “Change UAC Settings”. Select “Yes” when prompted.
  • Moving on, click “Never Notify”, this will cease the UAC. In case, you want to enable it, then you can anytime click on “Always Notify”.
  • Finally, restart the system.

Solution 5: Disable the Antivirus

Sometimes, antivirus and other third-party apps are seen as a threat by the software, therefore, you see numerous errors. In such a case, we recommend you disable your antivirus to work efficiently on the software.

  • Push “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” for accessing “Task Manager”.
  • Now, right-tap on the existing antivirus. (For Example: If you use Norton, it will be shown as norton.exe, similarly, Avast >>avast.exe)
  • Select “End Task”.
  • Hit “Yes”.
  • Thereafter, navigate to “QuickBooks Installation” via Windows File Explorer.
  • Remember the software Quickbooks gets installed at- C: \ Program Files \ Intuit \ QB (its year) \ Components.
  • Moving on, right-tap on  “Downloadqb20”, “Downloadqb19” and choose “Rename”.
  • Finally, rename the folder and add OLD at the file’s end. Now you can update your software.

Solution 6: Install QuickBooks Again After Uninstalling 

Step 1: Uninstalling QuickBooks 
  • Press “Window + R”.
  • Into the given Run dialog box, type up “Control Panel”.
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • Now, choose the option “Programs & Features”.
  • Thereafter, choose “Uninstall or Change”.
  • Then select “Change/Remove”.
  • Hit “Next”.
  • Choose “Repair”.
  • Again hit “Next”.
  • Finally, follow the directions that are popping on your screen to complete the process.
Step 2: Renaming The Installation Folders of Quickbooks
  • You can either download or run a clean installation tool.
  • Then, just rename the installation folders of QB on your own.
  • Finally, access denied errors. 
Step 3: Reinstalling QuickBooks 
  • For this step, firstly, reboot the PC after exiting all tabs as well as programs.
  • Then make a backup of the window registry.
  • Now, uninstall your preinstall QB version.
  • Thereafter, open “Task Manager”.
  • Now hit “End all QuickBooks Processes” (QBDBMgrN, QBCFMonitorService, QBPESEVNT08R, QBDBMgr, QBW32, QBWebConnector).
  • Going further, start renaming rename the Intuit folders and change them to Intuit. old.
    • C:\PrQuickBooks Update Error 15106programData\Intuit
    • C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\INTUIT
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser28
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser27
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser26
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser25
    • C:\Program Files\Intuit or C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit (64-bit)
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit (64-bit)
  • Finally, just repeat the exact steps for “KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Services \”.

Wrap Up

Once you follow these troubleshooting solutions, you will no longer be troubled by QuickBooks Update Error 15106. These methods are effective as well as time-saving. We hope these solutions gave you a helping hand to eradicate the issue.