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Panasonic ToughBook 55 Laptop – A Review

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The Panasonic ToughBook 55 is a rugged portable media player that offers outstanding performance. With a large, display screen, high-definition speakers, and a large battery . It makes it possible to take your presentations wherever you need them. New the newly released Panasonic ToughBook 55 introduces two-way channel output, a first in a mobile product. Also introduced is the flexible Arm Clip. Which can be used with optional headphones or speakers. The versatile Arm Clip lets you adjust the viewing angle and display area to suit your surroundings. So you always know where everyone is.

The Toughbook can be used as a portable office chair and as a carryall laptop when taken on a trip. It can hold up to five thousand sheets of paper and includes a memory card, a USB drive and a pen drive. The laptop case doubles as a stand and the screen can be placed at up to thirty-five degrees angle to prevent from eye injury. The keyboard tray has been designed ergonomically and the keyboard itself can be adjusted for either right or left hand operation.

– Second Battery Life – The new Panasonic ToughBook 55 offers an increased battery life of up to five hours. It making it possible to continue watching your videos or movies for hours on end. The second battery life feature is a result of user feedback. That the first one wore off too quickly. The second battery life lasts up to eight hours. On average, which makes it a real contender for long-range travel.

– Windows Hello – If you’re using a Windows Mobile phone, you won’t be able to view the ToughBook. On a Windows Mobile device. That’s because the ToughBook can only be view on a Windows Mobile device . This is not on any other mobile devices. The solution is provided by the inclusion of a Windows Hello expansion area. The Windows Hello expansion area is activate when you connect the ToughBook to a Windows Mobile phone . Through the USB cable. Once connected the ToughBook will display a lock with a camera icon. So you can log into the Windows Hello environment.

– Backlight Nits – One of the least popular features on the ToughBook is its backlight. The nits are actually tiny rubber dots that are present on the top edge of the screen. When the ToughBook is turned on, these tiny dots radiate. An artificial white light that is visible only to the user’s eye. The brightness of the light can be adjusted in many different modes but when you do turn. The brightness up high the white of the light is virtually indescribable. For this reason, many people find the backlight to be less than desirable. Especially when trying to view something on the ToughBook at night.

Fortunately, the ToughBook can be enhanced with a series of accessory items . This cover the need for a backlight viewing. The most common accessory for ToughBooks is a magnesium shield . That attaches to the bottom of the ToughBook and protects the laptop from impact. The magnesium shield attaches quickly and easily with no gaps or latches that are difficult to use. Because the ToughBook has a magnesium frame that is extremely durable. A magnesium shield will be able to provide years of rugged use.

An optional accessory is a set of magnesium expandable clips. These expandable clips allow users to place them on various ToughBook accessories . Add them to the magnesium frame. To protect the laptop from impact damage. The clips easily attach to the top or bottom of the ToughBook. These clips allow for easy access to the expansion areas. It add extra protection. To the laptop without having to remove the protective casement. Many of the portable laptops have been susceptible to damage. When they have come into contact with hard surfaces. Such as desks or tables.

Because the ToughBook is a rugged portable laptop design to meet extreme conditions. The magnesium casing and other accessories. It are also design to be more robust. Than the normal aluminum cases and keyboards of the average laptop. One of the accessories available with the ToughBook is a portable battery. The battery is design to handle the maximum load that the ToughBook can stand before it has difficulty operating properly.

Some additional benefits of the ToughBook battery life is that it lasts up to three hours . Before needing to be recharge. In addition, because it is not an open laptop case. The computer does not slow down as much while it is in use. For those that use their computer on the go, this kind of battery life . This makes it easier to work in any location. Additionally, the ToughBook is seal in a non-magnetic body. Which allows it to be use with accessories . Such as a keyboard cover for full accessory and protection. The ToughBook comes standard with a keyboard cover. But additional accessory covers are available for purchase.