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One Phone Versus Six – Which Phone Has More Features?

The oneplus 6 vs 6t camera comparison is a no brainer. Both phones are in the high end category and are very popular with professional users. They have almost similar features and the one Plus has slightly better video quality. The iPhone has a lot of handy functions that are very useful to users like this. However, there are a few differences that make one Plus slightly better than the other.

Face recognition – One big difference between these two handsets is the facial recognition. The onerous 6t has a newer version, which allows for more advanced facial recognition. With this new technology, the phone will recognize your face even if you look at it the same way every day. The iPhone has an external scanner but it cannot recognize your face. However, the onerous 6t can.

Fingerprint Reader – Another big difference is the finger print reader, which is available on the iPhone. While the one on the iPhone can recognize your fingerprint, it does allow you to swipe your finger for it to unlock your phone. However, the one on the Plus has a permanent fingerprint reader that is not available on previous models. This reader is also not free international shipping as on the Plus.

Big Camera – Although the one has a bigger screen, the camera on the one plus comes in a little smaller. It is not noticeable, but it does take away from the viewing area. The one Plus comes with a higher resolution screen than the one on the iPhone which gives better pictures. The one Plus also has a flash on the camera, which makes it perfect for those night pictures.

Face recognition – Perhaps one of the biggest differences between these two devices is the facial recognition. It is one of the biggest issues iPhone users have with it’s facial recognition. The one on the iPhone only recognizes you if you look directly into the camera. On the Plus, the camera will recognize you the moment you look into the face. This is a huge selling point for the one phone versus the other.

Internal Memory – You can buy the one phone versus the Plus or Six Plus for slightly more money. The one has twice the amount of internal memory. The Plus has three times the amount of internal memory. The one has a lot more software and media space versus the Plus. That is definitely worth looking into when deciding between the two phones.

Face Recognition – Another thing the one phone versus the Plus are the face recognition. The one has a much faster recognition system than the Plus. The one phone will recognize you when you look at it, even if your hair is a little on your face or your eyes are a little blue. The Plus has to look at you in order to determine who you are.

Camera – Both the Plus and the iPhone have cameras, but the iPhone has a better lens. The one phone does take better pictures. The iPhone 6t has a good camera as well. The one has a great quality camera versus the Plus. When comparing the two, the one phone definitely wins the “Camera” battle.

Additional Features – On paper, both the Plus and the iPhone have many features, but which one has more? The iPhone has everything that the Plus does and then some. When comparing the two, the Plus has additional features that the iPhone does not have.

Battery Features – The one advantage that the Plus has over the iPhone is the battery. With the iPhone, you need to charge it every night, while the Plus can charge you up to ten times faster than the normal rate. This feature is one that most users will appreciate. The Plus has four hours of life versus the six hours of life that the iPhone has.

Size & Weight – The Plus and the iPhone are similar in size, but the Plus has a bit more of a pocket. The iPhone has a slightly bigger screen and is a bit thicker. The Plus has a bit of a smaller screen and is thinner. Both phones are lighter than one another, but the Plus has a bit more of a pocket where the iPhone does not. Overall, these are two very different devices, and when comparing one phone to the other, you will definitely see which one has more features.