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Nokia 10 Isn’t the Same As the Existing Mobile Phone

Nokia 10

Price & Upcoming Date of Nokia 10

Nokia 10 Price & Launch Date in Bangladesh Nokia 10 is expect to be launch at the second week of April, 2021. It is anticipate to be a mid-budget smartphone which comes with Windows Mobile 5. The specifications of the phone are similar to other smartphones released by Nokia. The features include a 2.3D display with capacitive navigation buttons and a six-megapixel camera with digital zoom. As per the latest reports, the pricing of the phone is set to fall down after it is launch in the market.

An Affordable Device

The first part of the pricing schedule has released which shows a three million Nokia 10 with Windows Mobile and NOK brand. The second part of the pricing schedule has finalized and it is price at Rs 38,990 in the regular version and Rs 44,500 in the premium version. The other specifications of the smartphone are not finalize as of now. There are rumors stating that a lot of changes will be done to the traditional system of the handset like the face detection. So, we will have to wait for the time when the official announcements regarding the specifications will be made available.

Feature of Nokia 10

The feature rich feature oriented smartphone from Nokia will be offering the best combination of the multitasking features. The high end features offered by other leading smartphones in the recent times. It is say that the upcoming mobile will sport an advance dual-core processor from Samsung that will allow the application developers to have richer and more personalize Android UI. The device would also be incorporating the company’s UIs or user interfaces. This would provide for a better browsing experience and it will also allow the application developers to have greater control over the interface design.

What’s New in Camera

Another addition which has rumored is the inclusion of the HD camera. The existing imaging hardware in the cellphone has upgraded to a higher resolution. Thus the images recorded by the device will be of high quality. Nokia has also reported to be upgrading its entire portfolio of mobile handsets to support the new smartphone in the coming months. An image of a Pureview Nokia 10 leak in the market just before the company release its own latest smartphone in the market.


The leak however, has also provided the detailed specifications of the upcoming smartphone. According to the leak, the upcoming smartphone has equipped with the 8.3 inch capacitive touch screen. It has a body thickness of only 4.3mm. It has a unique dual camera setup with a 16 megapixel sensor located at the back and a 6 mega-pixel sensor located on the front. This would mean that the smartphone has the ability to take great pictures even in low light situations.

Arrival of New Device

A few weeks back, Nokia has reported to be introducing another device named the Pureview Nougat. It is rumoure that this will be the successor of the popular Puregear Play. The company is also rumour to launch another handset in the fall called the M1. However, there are no concrete information available regarding these two new devices. Another major point that is worth mentioning about the company is the fact that it plans to launch four new smartphones this year. Therefore, includes Pureview Nougat, Nokia 9.3, M1 and a further unnamed smartphone by the end of the year.

Elegant Display of Nokia 10

The major highlight of the handset apart from its stunning looks is the high-end camera setup that it boasts. The leak further stated that the Purevision OBB sensor that is present on the front-mounted camera of the handset has a pixel density of 5 pixels per inch. This means that the pictures taken with this high-end cellphone will come out crisp and clear. In addition to this, the image processing speed of the device has enhance. Therefore, the pictures taken with the phone will come out absolutely gorgeous.

Apart from this, the other specifications of the handset have also discussed in detail by the leak. It is assume that the entire design and the appearance of the Purevision OBB has changed. Thus, to create a completely different appearance from the current Nokia 10 series. However, all the leaked images and videos do not show any major difference in the looks of the cellphone other than its new look. Apart from this, no other major specifications regarding the device are mention in the leak.