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Louise Jean McCary

Emma Stone’s baby girl s name is said to have been revealed as Louise Jean McCary in a recent casting call. According to TMZ, who also received a copy of the audition start cards, the actress, 32, chose the name as an homage to her famous grandmother, who was called Jean Louise in the past. It is not known whether the casting director meant to hint at this or if they were just checking up on how old Ms. Stone really was.

News Reveal:

When the news broke, it was quickly confirmed by another casting call that Emma Stone did in fact cast for a part in the movie The Perks Of Being A Girl. However, when discussing her performance, both Ms. Stone and her grandmother spoke about their close connection. Ms. Stone said, “I really like her. She’s a great actress and has a wonderful grandmother.” Ms. Stone’s full name is Louise Jean McCary and she has used her middle name, Jean, on numerous occasions.

Viral Reporting:

According to several reports, the actress was welcomed into the New Directions program on Broadway after she finished performing in Disney’s Planes, which she recently starred in. Her first scene was cut but according to the New Directions website, she was then seen in rehearsal. Many people speculate that this scene was filmed so that she could be welcomed into the cast of Disney’s Nextel Broadway musical The Lion King, which she is scheduled to play next spring. Other speculation is that this scene was filmed so that director, Robert McKee, could introduce her baby daughter, Ensley, into the world of Broadway.


Finally, the casting call revealed that the scene in which Ms. Stone gave birth to Ensley took place while she was pregnant. It was during this moment that the director saw how deeply she cared for Ensley. He persuaded the casting director to allow them to continue filming the scene as long as necessary. Ms. Stone revealed that the experience was extremely life-changing. “I gave birth to my first child, and I felt like my life was changing very rapidly from being a mom to being a performer, mother, wife – it was a big change.”


During the same segment, it was also revealed that the cast of The Lion King noticed the genuine compassion that McCary had for Ensley throughout the pregnancy. They were happy to welcome her into the fold. In fact, when the happy news about the birth of Ensley reached the public, many fans of the musical were at a loss for words. The Lion King’s producers were forced to compose a song to welcome McCary to the cast. The song is called “Escape” and it can be found online.


When the episode ended, McCary was seen holding a small boy in his arms. It was quickly revealed that this boy was Ensley’s son, cruella! The true father was revealed to be Antony, who happened to be the assistant to Jeanette’s father on the show. The happy news was broadcast by the social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter, immediately following the broadcast. It was an incredible moment for Ensley and the entire family.


During the same episode, it was also revealed that Louise Jean McCary did not have a middle name. There had been rumors that she was going to get married to Ensley before getting engaged, but it appears that the happy news was just a well-planned publicity stunt. Louis had simply gotten the chance to spend some time with his grandmother and learn about her. While doing so, he realised that he had something in common with his grandmother. He revealed the secret to the director of the TV show, telling him that his grandmother was his middle name, and not his real middle name.


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