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iPhone X Colors – Selects a New iPhone

iPhone X Colors

Before Buying A New iPhone

The new iPhone X is available for the consumer in several different options. You can get it with a touch screen, a cell phone case or even an iPod. But which iPhone X colors are right for you?

If you like a phone that looks great but functions well, then you should consider going with one of the iPhone X’s two-screen options. There are two available screens for the iPhone – a 3.5-inch screen that’s either LCD or AMOLED and a larger eight-inch screen. While the smaller screen may be handy for many uses, those that need to text or do video calling will most likely prefer the larger screen. The screen size for the iPhone X is only one of many differences between this phone and its predecessors. Take a look at these other differences that set it apart.

Whats New in iPhone X

The iPhone’s appearance and overall look has been updated as well, with many new colors and patterns available. You can now choose from everything from black and white to red and blue. These iPhone X colors are truly your choices. However, if you want to make sure that you have the right iPhone X case in your choice, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

Color Choice in iPhone X

Glass Back or Metallic Back

One of the first choices to make is whether you prefer a phone with a clear glass back glass or one with a metallic back. The difference between these two iPhone X colors is dramatic, even though the difference between the phones themselves is not as striking. If you’re willing to invest a little more money, you might even want to consider an iPhone with a metallic back or a smooth silver glass back. The metallic back can either come in one color (white) or in a range of colors (plastic red and blue, for example). The smooth silver glass back is also available in a range of colors and can be used to create a very elegant look.

Basic Black or White Color

Another choice to make when choosing your next iPhone is whether to go with a basic black or white color, or whether you would prefer to go with two separate colors. The iPhone X’s dual screen feature makes this even easier to choose. If you choose to have two iphone of colors, you’ll have the option of putting the black on the left and the white on the right. Then, for even more versatility, you can put the gold one on the left and the silver one on the right. No matter which iPhone X colors you choose, you’ll easily find a style that works with your personal style.

Rose Gold Color

You may not think of rose gold when buying an iPhone, but this gold is actually one of the most popular colors to see on the new phones. The rose gold finish looks great when paired with white or silver iPhone’s. Rose gold iPhone’s aren’t as common as you may think, but it is still a very nice color to see. Many people are opting for this design because it looks more modern than traditional white iPhones. While rose gold is popular, it isn’t the only type of gold to be use in the new generation of iPhones.

Matte Black Color

An extremely popular option, you can choose for your new iPhone is a matte black color. Black iPhone’s are a great addition to any wardrobe because they work with just about every outfit. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t stand out, a black iPhone is probably your best bet. While black iPhone’s aren’t as common as rose gold, if you want to add a little bit of black to your look, this is a great choice.

When choosing between the two different colors, you should keep in mind how the two colors will work with one another. If you are someone who prefers simple things, then you will probably prefer to have a black iPhone. While this may not seem like a big decision, there are many advantages to having a black iPhone. You’ll find it easier to work with, and you’ll have more storage space. Black is also a very popular color among Apple customers.