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Information Regarding the Proximity of Jordy Burrows

Jordy Burrows

Who else remembers Jordy Burrows? She was the star of the hit TV show “The OC” along with her son, Michael Grey. Her role on the show was indispensable. She was the loveable sultry single mom who always made us laugh. Today, she’s an actress, singer and producer.

Net Worth:

Like many celebrities we’ve read about or come across on the world wide web, Jordy Burrows is no different. She has a net worth of over two-thousand dollars. Being a favorite celebrity of many, it’s no surprise that she’s become a social media star, using Twitter for photos and to talk about her latest venture. Who else knows about Jordy Burrows net worth?


Like most celebrities we’ve heard about or seen on the news, it appears that Jordy Burrows is a dual nationality woman. Born in Australia, she is half British and half Brazilian. Her second home is in England where she is a constituent of the Liberal Party. As an adult, she has lived in various parts of the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


So, what is it about a multi-national that makes people want to follow the lives of these celebrities? For many, the answer can be found in the name of Jordy burrows. A multi-national is someone who is both an Australian and a British citizen by birth, but who may have other nationalities from other parts of the world. For instance, if you were born in the United States, you are a US citizen by birth, but you may be a person of another nationality such as Canadian, German or Japanese.

Personal Affairs:

For some people who find this interesting, it may lead them to wonder how their spouse fits into the picture. The answer is complicated. Just because you were born in Australia does not mean that you automatically have to be a member of the Aussies. In the case of Jordy burrows, her citizenship status is subject to being married to a person who is a resident of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Place of Birth:

As it turns out, Jordy burrows was actually born in sydney, the capital city of New South Wales. She was raised in that city as an only child, so there were a number of commonalities in her upbringing as an actress. She was one of three daughters of John burgeons, who was a successful playwright and director. His family had originally come from Scotland, and when he emigrated to Sydney, it was where his daughter grew up.


It’s widely accepted that in the case of many celebrities, their personal lives and private personas are the things that make them who they are, but in the case of Jordy burrows, it appears that she simply landed on our shores as a private person. Her first husband was a construction worker, so she didn’t have a great wealth to be considered a rich relative. She never appeared in a television show that was based in Sydney, nor did she appear in a movie directed by someone who was based in the city.

Personal Era:

That she is listed as an actor with an address in the private west end of Sydney, near Burleigh Heads, indicates that this was a location that was important to her. That she appears to have settled there, rather than taken a large salary from an area of the city associated with that very lifestyle makes her more than a private person.

Martial Status:

The information regarding the marital status of Jordy burrows is also limited, as is the information regarding the birthplaces of her two children. Both of her former husbands were Australian citizens, as was her step-father. Her current husband is not listed in public records, nor is he a dual citizenship or Australian citizen. All we can assume is that he is of European descent.


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