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How to find your liked posts on Instagram

Using Instagram is an entertaining way to share moments with millions of users online, and new photos are constantly replacing photos shared on the app.

If I didn’t want to browse through hundreds of photos, it would be impossible to find a photo I liked six months ago. It turns out there is an easy way to skip scrolling.

What is changing?

You might be asking yourself why I can’t find liked posts on Instagram.

Instagram won’t be able to publicly show the number of likes that a post has generated. The user who posted the photo or video can only know the exact number of likes.

The post-rollout view looks different. The information below posts with multiple engagements mentions the image or video was “Liked By username and Others.”

Once tapped, the link will redirect to a complete list of all users who liked the post. Technically, it is possible to count the likes for any post. However, this is not possible for large posts that have thousands or millions of followers. It would take a lot of effort to count all the engagements.

This is how you can find all the photos you like on Instagram.

It is difficult to know how to view Instagram photos you like on your computer. Imagine that you met someone at Trafalgar Square from your industry. You had a great deal of fun exchanging gossip. After a few weeks, it is hard to find anything in your memory boxes when you attempt to refresh your dialogue feed.

Tap the profile icon at the lower right corner of the screen. This will take you to your Instagram account.

  • Instagram might not display the number of views if you upload multiple videos or photos to your post.
  • The view count of your post may not be displayed. Your post must reach a certain number of views in order to be included under the post.
  • It can be difficult to find prime time to post; you will need to do this on your own with a tool that has pre-scheduling options
  • Instagram makes it difficult to manage multiple accounts.
  • Instagram might not let you find all of your favorite things under one roof
  • Responding to comments in large quantities is a time-consuming task for business accounts.
  • Instagram is particularly compatible with smartphones. Editing photos and videos on smartphones can be difficult.
  • Instagram doesn’t seem to have any shortcuts for increasing the frequency and saving time when posting content.
  • Instagram is unlikely to tell you who isn’t following you back. You could look at the profile you expected to be following back to find out.

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Instagram Activity Log – The full scope

The activity log is identified by the icon with the heart shape at the bottom. Let’s take a look at the features in the Instagram activity section. It was previously possible to find which Instagram users liked what. In 2019, Instagram removed the “Following” option and replaced it with the “Activity” option. You could now find the following:

  • Photos and videos uploaded by users
  • A series of ads
  • Use your favorite hashtags
  • Who is following you?
  • Who liked your photos?
  • Which of your mobile contacts is on Instagram?
  • Photos shared by your Instagram contacts

Instagram: Finding liked photos

Install Instagram from the App Store, then log in using your credentials. Clicking on the number of likes underneath individual posts is a simple way to view liked photos on Instagram. This will show you the Instagram users that liked specific videos and photos.

History of Instagram likes

What can I do to find the Instagram posts that my friends like? How can I find all the Instagram posts that someone has liked? How do I find my Instagram likes? What is the best way to view photos I liked on Instagram 2021 on a computer? For days, these questions were circling in my head. I finally found the important information that could be shared with readers.

How to Find Post Likes on Instagram

You can view photos and posts that you liked using the Instagram mobile app. It can be a little difficult to find your favorite videos and photos while using Instagram on your computer. Two other options exist to view the history of your Instagram likes.

  • The Instagram app for Windows may be the solution

It is recommended that you download the Instagram app from Microsoft App Store for your PC. There are very few differences in the orientations of the Windows app and Instagram mobile app. You can check your previous likes on the windows app in the same way as you can on the mobile app. Many people complain about the inability to find a “plus sign” to add photos or videos. Don’t worry about it. Just right-click on the taskbar. To continue adding photos and videos, select the New Post option. You can also use the camera roll to select which photos you want to upload to your Instagram account.

  • You can view the most liked posts with a browser extension

A reliable browser extension can enable you to access all features of the app. The Instagram app for Windows is also available in this way. The extension allows you to view liked Instagram photos from the web version of Instagram. The extension allows you to use the right-click function. This is something that very few people are aware of. You can enjoy the best features of Instagram even on the Windows version by having right-click functionality. Technology enthusiasts are aware of the importance of extensions to enhance user experience. Can you find posts that you liked on your desktop? If someone asks you this question, you can now explain the process better.