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How employers track employees mobile with tracking app?

Do you want to track employees mobile devices? It has a lot of benefits to track business-owned phones. Seemingly, it is an unlawful act to breach your employee’s privacy unless you monitor the cellphones belongs to you. Small and large-scale businesses are using cell phone spyware to spy on the digital devices of the company connected to cyberspace. You can also spy on the cellular networks of a business mobile to the fullest.

 Are you looking forward to the best cellphone spyware app for your business? Before we go into the details, you need to about the following things briefly.

 Why would an employer spy on an employee’s cellphone?

Cell phone spying is handy for employers to safeguard business secrets, measure productivity and keep tabs on their employees. Cell phone spying apps can give you insight into the employee’s behavior and further lets you track location, conversations, passwords, keystrokes, and messaging apps activities on business phones. The benefits of tracking business phones depend on the spying application at your disposal. Let’s discuss the benefits in particular.

Unlawful activities

If your employees are involved in unethical and inappropriate activities, like data breaching, harassment, and many other things, you can catch employees secretly using mobile spyware on the target device.  You can prevent employees in real-time if they are doing activities against the company’s policy on the company’s owned phones.

Data safety

It is necessary these days to safeguard business-owned data on a company’s devices. You can protect your business trade secrets stored on business phones. You can catch your employees red-handedly if they are tampering with the company’s intellectual property using business devices. Moreover, you can use a phone spy app to prevent malware, and malicious links received on the company’s phone.

Track employees mobile GPS location

Cell phone surveillance app is capable enough to manipulate the GPS feature of any cellphone device secretly. It lets you track the real-time location, location history, and route map of your employees using Google Map. End-users can use cell phone spyware to track employee mobile location with or without GPS.

Measure productivity

You can measure the productivity of your employees during working hours. It means you can get to know about every employee and about productivity to the fullest and time-to-time.

App usage

End users can monitor and track business cellphones provided to employees, and you can spy on app usage. You can monitor social messaging apps, instant messengers, phone calls, text messages, and browsing activities to the fullest.

Use phone data for business safety

If your employee is doing something against the company’s rules and regulations, and then you can use the employee’s cellphone data to protect the business data available on the cellphone device.

Protects company’s image

If your employees get involved in criminal acts on business phones, then the reputation of your business could compromise at any point in time. Employers can spy on business phones before employees do anything. Cell phone spyware can protect your business reputation to the fullest.

What is a phone spyware app?

It is an application that works secretly and remains invisible on the target device of your employees. This is non-rooted and delivers you real-time insight into the realm of the company’s owned mobile and tablet devices. It is easy to configure and takes few minutes to complete the setup on the target device.

It has dozens of features that enable users to spy on business-owned phones for employee monitoring purposes. End users can record live phone calls, read messages, and spy on messaging apps active on business phones. Moreover, you can your employee’s GPS location, protect business data, and record real-time activities of employees on the cell phone screen.

How mobile spyware app works?

Do you want to spy on business-owned cellphones and tablet devices? You can monitor your employees secretly, but you need to get your hands on the best spyware for mobile. You need to follow the steps given below to get the job done.

Subscribe to TheOneSpy mobile spy

You can visit the website of cell phone spying software and get a subscription. You will receive credentials, like password and ID.

Get physical access on business phone

You need to have physical access to the target device and get started with the process of installation. Further, activate phone spying software on the target device.

Activate features to get instant results

Employers can use the password and ID and get access to the web control panel. Moreover, visit the sync settings and activate the powerful spying tools to get the job done.

Use cellphone spyware features to track employee’s mobile

Here are the few features of TOS phone spyware that empower you to monitor business–owned cellphones to the fullest.


Employers can capture screenshots of a cellphone remotely, but you need to use the online dashboard and schedule multiple screenshots on the target device to spy on employees.

Browsing history

Users can monitor employee’s phones without them knowing and access browser history using the mobile phone surveillance app. Moreover, you can spy on visited websites and frequently visited webpages on mobile.

Call recorder

Employers can record and listen to the employee’s Voice chats, voice calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recording software.

Read messages

End users can read text messages sent and received using the text messages spy app. It further, read SMS with the schedule.

Keystrokes logger

You can record and capture password keystrokes, messenger keys, messages, and email keystrokes to the fullest.

Screen recording

Employers can watch live cell phone activities of employees during working hours using a screen recorder. It enables you to record back-to-back short videos of the screen and send the recorded data to the web control panel.

IM’s chat spy

End users can read the logs of messaging apps, and you can spy on messages, chat, VoIP calls, and many more things with a time schedule.


TheOneSpy cell phone spyware is the best tool for employers to track employees mobile during working hours. It ensures business safety and productivity to the next level.






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