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How Canada VPS may help Startups and Small Businesses grow?

To acquire customers and to gain more visibility, Small Businesses require a top-performing website. With so many already existing competitors a new business needs to adopt a robust growth strategy to gain an edge. One of the important components that impact the website’s speed, performance, and security is web hosting. If you choose the right web hosting for your business you are already on the growth path. 

Most startups make the mistake of choosing Shared Hosting at the initial stage. However, its limited availability of resources, high-security risk, and shared environment hinder a business’s growth. Therefore in this article, we bring you a detailed guide of Canada VPS and how it benefits New Businesses.

With the Best VPS Canada from Serverwala, you will get unbeatable speed, uptime, security and performance. Read this article to know more about VPS Hosting Canada and the numerous advantages it offers. 

How Web Hosting impacts the Growth of a Business?

The performance, speed, and other aspects of a website are greatly influenced by web hosting.  

When you choose Shared Hosting for your business you have to share your server with dozens of other websites. You will get limited resources and control over your server. If one or two websites over the server encounter a traffic spike, the shared resources get exhausted leading to slow loading time. Additionally with Shared Hosting the security risk is high and also downtimes occur frequently. Thus, if you aim to increase the growth of your Small Business, Shared Hosting is not the right choice. 

Secondly Dedicated Server provides the ultimate level of benefits to a business but comes at a highly expensive price. Also, for managing a Dedicated Server you need technical skills or need to hire an IT team. 

We have considered Canada VPS as the best alternative for Startups and Small Businesses because it provides the merits of a Dedicated Server but at pocket-friendly prices. In VPS, a physical server is divided into separate virtual machines having independent resources, high scalability and root control. It ensures no bad influence of the neighbours and smooth website performance. 

Why Startups and Small Businesses should choose VPS Canada?

VPS Canada provides various benefits for Startups and Small Businesses. At a cost-friendly price, you will get outstanding configurations leading to faster growth of your business. Below are the various advantages you will get by hosting your website on VPS Hosting Canada. 

Improved Website Reliability

The private resources and independent server space you get with VPS Hosting implies that only you have the access to your server. The traffic or resources consumed by the neighbouring website will no longer impact your loading speed. Therefore, VPS Hosting is more reliable than Shared Hosting and helps in improving the user experience and performance of the website.

With improved reliability Startups can get an edge over competitors and retain customers in the long run. 

Better Performance

The increased number and private set of resources you get with the Canada VPS help in improving the performance of the website. When you have the required amount of resources, your website can easily handle traffic spikes and ensure faster-loading speed. 


The biggest factor why VPS is the best choice for Startups and Small businesses is the reasonable prices. With Cheap VPS Canada, you can grab the benefits of a Dedicated Server such as independent server, private resources, high security, root access, etc. It is a bit costly than Shared Hosting however, the mind-blowing benefits you get makes the investment completely worth it. 

Choose your Operating System

With the Canada VPS from popular hosting companies like Serverwala, you can also choose your desired operating system. According to the needs of your business or for your personal suitability you may choose Linux or Windows VPS Canada. 

High Scalability

For Startups the option for scalability is very important since it is at the growing stage and need more resources with time. With VPS Hosting you can easily scale your server resources whenever the need arises. Further, you may also customize the server configurations and easily upgrade the existing server plan. 

Root Control

VPS Hosting also allows you the Root Level Control to your server. You can install Software, Tools, and other additional plugins according to your business needs. 

Top Grade Security

VPS Hosting Canada also provides advanced security measures to protect your server from hackers and spammers. You will get a unique IP address, DDoS Attack Prevention, Firewalls, Server Monitoring Tools, etc with VPS. 

24/7 Technical Support

Finally, with VPS Hosting you will also get round-the-clock customer support from your web host. Technical issues can arise anytime and may impact the operations of the business. To ensure your issues get resolved at the earliest your VPS host provides you 24/7 support through multiple contact methods. 

Get Superfast, Reliable, and Powerful VPS Hosting Canada from Serverwala

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Here are the key components of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Canada –

  • Premium Hardware
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  • Dedicated IP
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  • 99.9% Uptime
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  • Instant Server Deployment

Moreover, Serverwala also provides a 7 days money-back guarantee and offers completely honest and transparent services to its customers without any hidden costs. You can achieve significant business growth with Serverwala’s VPS Hosting.

Bottom Line

If you are running your Small Business on Shared Hosting or looking to choose it for your new business, you must give it a second thought. Your business cannot run for a long time on a Shared Server and may encounter several issues, such as slow speed, poor security, frequent downtimes, etc. However, by paying a little extra amount you can get the Canada VPS which provides you independent server resources and helps in superfast business growth.