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Galaxy S7 Overheating -A Brief Introduction to Problem

Galaxy S7 Overheating

Tips To Reduce Issues

If you have recently bought the Galaxy S7 and are facing overheating issues then this article will provide you with a few helpful tips to help you reduce the problems. Most of the time overheating is caused by various applications run in the background thus causing the CPU and the Memory to overheat. Other reasons for Galaxy S7 overheating are playing games repeatedly, applications running in the background, softwares incompatibility, improper device settings, overheating, and many more. To fix this you need to first identify the reason behind the overheating issue and then fix it accordingly. To do so, read on:

Charger As A Cause of Galaxy S7 Overheating

It has been identified that the Galaxy S7 overheating problem can be cause as a result of wrong Samsung Galaxy S7 charger. When you charge your device using the standard Samsung USB cable and your device suddenly starts to overheat, you should remove the device from the charger immediately. You may then perform a test over an open area to ensure there is no leakage or air pressure within the area. If the pressure is present, then there could be a defect in the wiring inside the charger. In such cases, it would be best to get your device repair free of cost or replace the charger. You can also perform a quick and simple soft reset by following the simple steps mentioned below.

Application Can Also Be The Reason of Galaxy S7 Overheating

Another possible reason behind Galaxy S7 overheating issue is the application you are running on the device. If you are using an application that makes the phone unusually warm, then it could be the reason behind the overheating issue. For instance, if you are using something like the messenger application or any other app that constantly sends out messages to your friends, you should always keep the application off and let the device cool. After a while, the messaging application will stop sending out messages and the phone will become more silent.

Using Mobile on Safe Mode Can Be Helpful

The next easy way to fix overheating galaxy s7 edge is to boot your device into safe mode. This can be done by pressing and holding the home key and then clicking the power button. Once you have done that, you should see a boot menu appear where you should select recovery which is the safest mode to work in as it will not wipe out all your data like you would if you were in normal mode.

This is how you can easily perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S7. After you have held the home key and then pressed the power button, you should see a boot menu appears where you should select recovery. At this stage, you should press the power button again to shut down the phone. Your phone will now enter into safe mode. You should perform a factory reset to remove all the unwanted files and settings that are left behind by your previous operating system.

After your Samsung Galaxy S7 edges come out of safe mode, you should notice that your phone will now restart. A black screen will appear where you should delete all the files you are not interest in. After that, your phone will turn on normally. After it has rebooted, you should see a new logo appears on the desktop which is the Samsung logo. You should now use the browser on your device to view the default web page. In addition, you should also use your credit card to make purchases which are require to complete some transactions.

Faulty Chargers

The third reason behind overheating problem of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a faulty or slow down the charger. If you want to prevent overheating, you should always ensure that you charge your device with the right adapter. This can prevent your device from overheating as it helps to evenly distribute the charge across the cells of the mobile. When you plug in the mobile in different devices, the voltage variation results in uneven distribution of the charge. This is the reason behind a constant and abnormally high temperature maintain in your device.

Lack of Permanent Solution

There is still no permanent solution to the problem of Samsung Galaxy S7 overheating due to factory reset. The only way is to carry out a manual repair of your device or wait for Samsung to develop a permanent solution. To avoid overheating due to factory reset, you shall always use a data backup in order to protect your files especially the ones that are store on the internal memory of your phone. You should also keep in mind that there is no direct connection between your cell phone’s charger and the battery of the device. This is the reason why it can occur even after a factory reset has performed on your phone. It is therefore important that you carry out a regular scan of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and perform a data backup in order to prevent this from happening.