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G413 A Gaming Keyboard – Logitech G413 (MOBA) Review


G413 Gaming Mouse pads are designed and crafted to bring high-performance gaming to your fingertips. Lightweight, shock-resistant 5052 aluminum top case allows the sleek, bladelike matte black matte casings. Underneath find headset and mouse cable storage, plus rubber stable feet for extra comfort during long-time play. The Romer-G high-performance mechanical switch is purpose built for ultimate performance, responsive and durability.

Best Features in G413

The G413 includes a compact keyboard with Cherry MX style keys. For easy programming support, onboard programming keypad and function keypad are included. In addition, the g413 comes equipped with an rgb keyboard. RGB keyboard works with most gaming software programs including, X-gammon, Stratego, Big Fish etc. With the included red keyboard, gamers can make use of extra multimedia keys, volume controls, track-ups, etc.

The G413 is manufactured by some of the leading companies in the world such as Razer, Logitech, etc. These gaming laptops have rich gaming features, superior build quality and overall comfort. The latest models from these companies include RGB mechanical keyboards.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the latest g413 models come with USB and optical audio adapter, which supports the latest sound card and audio drivers. The USB and optical adapter is extremely helpful in speeding up the data transfer rate. Thus, they make these two gadgets more convenient to use.

G413- Demanding Keyboard in Market

The Logitech G413 is one of the most popular mechanical keyboards on the market. It provides an improved typing experience with its smooth design and comfortable keys. The keyboard has a complete package of gaming features and convenience. It has an optical mouse with a laser sensor for enhanced precision and speed. It also features a USB port, which is useful in connecting other peripheral devices such as gaming mice, digital camera and microphones.

Customized Key Feature

The Logitech G413 keyboard offers five standard key Caps which are customizable. This makes it easier to find the function keys without looking at the whole keypad. On the contrary, the Dell ATM keyboards only feature standard function keys. This feature makes the use of the function keys difficult and time consuming.

The eight keycaps include light, dark, underlined, solid colors and a variety of additional symbols including the function key, function, home, start, left, right, and space. In addition to the extra keycaps. The Logitech G413 also has a unique combination opera systems and rubber dome keycaps. The combination opera systems and rubber dome keycaps provide a unique combination of feel and tactile response that is not find on other keyboards.

G413- RBG & Backlighting

The Dell ATM keyboard also features an efficient backlighting system which includes white backlighting beneath the function keys for greater legibility when working in darker environments. For added comfort, the g413 also features full-sized and centered red Control Keys along with white side buttons. The side buttons of the Dell ATM are divide into two groups, making it easier to work out the functions of the system. The Logitech G413 has slightly larger LCD screen with a 10 point workspace which makes it easier to view the desktop and make crucial gaming and multimedia calls.

The Logitech G413 features one red control key and five different Caps which can be customize according to your preference. It is the ultimate gaming keyboard for laptop users which offers a complete package of convenience, comfort and excellent backlighting system. The overall build quality of the keyboard is above average. The aesthetic appeal of the g 413 is the reason that it is so popular with consumers. At just over $70, the Logitech G413 is one of the most affordable mechanical keyboards on the market.

Killer Combo Features

The Logitech G413 features a unique combination of membrane and rubber dome key switches to provide users with a great typing experience. The g413 keyboard uses the best membrane technology available to date to provide users with a tactile feedback that cannot be find in other keyboards. To enhance your typing experience, the Logitech G413 has a number of assignable keys and gaming macros.

The layout of the Logitech G413 allows for space savings, which can be useful for those who use the keyboard regularly. To add comfort and enhanc functionality, the g413 features a total of eight different keycaps. Which can be change to give you a complete range of bright colors which compliment the overall color scheme of the keyboard.

Micro Key Feature

Another unique feature of the Logitech G413 is the presence of a built in macro key. This feature set is similar to that found on many top of the line mechanical keyboards. The built in macro keys are locate on the right side of the keyboard. Thus, are use the function for keys to automatically launch applications such as Skype or Internet Explorer. These macro keys can also be assign as function keys. These keys allows users to quickly access commonly use functions without having to type each function name one at a time.


The Logitech G413 features all the components necessary for an enjoyable gaming experience in a simple to utilize design. It’s affordable, durable, and easily stored in a small space. While other gaming keyboards require you to replace expensive keycaps, the Logitech G413 utilizes universal compatible keycaps. So you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It comes with a five year warranty, so you know you’re cover if something goes wrong with your keyboard. So if you want a simple, affordable, high quality gaming keyboard, look no further than the Logitech G413.