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Everything You Need To Know About The OnePlus Nord 2

Nord 2

OnePlus is one of the newest phone companies. They produce high-quality, mid-price, high-specification phones with a lot of different models to choose from. OnePlus are constantly releasing new models, and the OnePlus Nord 2 is the latest! Here are all the rumours and leaks before the release date.

Everything you need to know about the OnePlus Nord 2

When is the release date for the OnePlus Nord 2? The OnePlus Nord 2 will be coming out on 30 January 2019. The OnePlus Nord 2 will be available to purchase from the OnePlus website, where you can sign up to receive all the information as it’s announced. When is the price for the OnePlus Nord 2? The price will be €349. What will the release date be for the OnePlus Nord 2? The release date will be in Europe (January 30th, 2019). What specs does the OnePlus Nord 2 have? The specs for the OnePlus Nord 2 will be similar to the OnePlus 6T. That means you’ll be getting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, a 6.41-inch full HD+ display, a 16MP/20MP dual camera with OIS and an 8MP selfie camera. There will also be a 3300mAh battery.

OnePlus phones

The last new OnePlus phone that we can buy is the OnePlus 5, and it’s now selling in its second season. Many people are going to be waiting for the next OnePlus phone, which will be called the OnePlus 6. It is expected to launch next month, at a special event in London. It is expected that the OnePlus 6 will have a bigger screen than the 5T, but a smaller battery to bring its cost down. The phone will also have a more “premium” design, with glass on the back. OnePlus 6 Rumours OnePlus 6 Could Be the First OnePlus Flagship to Feature an 18:9 Screens. It’s also rumour that the OnePlus 6 will be the first phone that will feature an 18:9 screen. You can see an 18:9 screen in the screenshot above, as well as the OnePlus 5T screen, which is 16:9.

The OnePlus Nord 2 leak

The latest leak, that came from Gizmochina, has confirmed everything we already knew, but it also revealed some more detail about the phone. The leaks revealed the date of the release is 30th June 2018, which would be alongside the OnePlus 6 and not the OnePlus 7. The best bit is that it is also confirm to have a Snapdragon 636, which is the same processor that came in the OnePlus 5T. The tweet also revealed it will have a 6 inch HD+ display, which is apparently 20 percent bigger than the OnePlus 3T. It has a 4000 mAh battery with fast charging (5V/4A), a 64 GB model and a 128 GB version. They also appear to have fitted an 8 MP selfie camera with a dual camera, which is quite a change from their usual resolution of 16 MP.