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Enlightening Guide About The Complete Application Process Of Visa 602

If you plan to travel to Australia for a medical reason, you must apply for Visa 602. In a word, this visa will allow you to get your desired medical treatment in Australia. But before you apply, you should have explicit knowledge about the complete application procedure. In this write-up, we have provided a detailed guide on the application of the visa and the other aspects of the visa.

What Can You Do With The Visa Subclass 602?

This visa is usually termed the Medical Treatment Visa of Australia. If the Australian Department of Home Affairs approves the visa, you can enjoy several benefits. First of all, this visa will provide you with the opportunity to study in an Australian institute for a maximum of 3 months. And if you meet the exemption criteria, you will be allowed to study for an extended period. 

In addition, as long as the medical treatment visa remains valid, you can stay in Australia over that period. And last but not least, this visa gives a single, as well as multiple entries, permit according to the applicant’s current circumstances. 

What Are The Must-Do Things While You Are On This Visa?

While staying in Australia with this visa, you must obey all the visa conditions and follow the Australian rules. You should leave before your Visa Subclass 602 expires. Otherwise, you may face unnecessary immigration troubles.

Which documents must you submit at the time of application?

Here we list all the necessary documents that you must submit while applying for the visa. If you contact any visa lawyer in Australia, they will also tell you about these documents.

  • All the character certificates and related documents are issued by relevant authorities. 
  • Documents in support of your current financial situation.
  • Relevant identity documents like your passport and any of your national identity cards.
  • And, most importantly, documents that will give detailed information about the medical treatment you need.

How Should You Apply?

Once you submit all the documents, now it’s time to apply. Well, before you start with the application procedure, you may consider taking proper professional guidance. And for that, you should contact an experienced immigration consultant from Perth or anywhere else in Australia. But, it will always be better to know the fundamental points regarding applying for the Medical Treatment Visa of Australia. These points are discussed here.

  • You have to make sure that you hold a passport of an eligible country. To know whether your passport country is eligible or not, you can check on the Department of Home Affairs website.
  • In the next step, you have to apply for the visa with correctly filled-in information and provide all the documents.
  • Once the application steps are done, you will have to wait for the Department of Home Affairs decision.
  • When your visa application gets processed, you will get no updates about it. The Australian Department of Immigration will directly send you their final decision on the visa application. You will get the information via email.
  • If your application is successful and the Department approves the visa grant, you must provide the biometrics. It will include your fingerprints and photographs.
  • You will also need to go through relevant health examinations. These examinations are generally carried out by the MOC or the Medical Officer Commonwealth. Health examinations are conducted to ensure that the applicant is not a carrier of any disease that may threaten Australian public life.
  • You can lodge the application both from outside and inside Australia.
  • If your visa application gets rejected by the Department, you will not get the application fees back.

Can You Include Your Family Members In The Application?

One of the most satisfying facts about this visa is that it will allow you to bring your family members to Australia. But, if their names are not mentioned in your passport, each individual will have to lodge separate applications.

Can You Extend This Visa?

Unfortunately, the visa validity period cannot be extended, and thus, there is no chance to lengthen your stay with this visa. However, there are several visa options available that you can explore. You can easily opt for either a study or partner or work or any other type of visa. It can be an effective option if you want to extend your stay in Australia. 

You Will Require A Proper Health Insurance

Here, you are applying for medical treatment. So, you must have adequate health insurance cover. Health insurance will also be beneficial in another way. You can cut some costs involved in medical treatment. Apart from that, you will have to pay the other expenses for the treatment. In fact, at the time of application, you will need to show that you have sufficient financial strength to support your stay in Australia.

How Long Does The Visa Take To Process?

If you consider the conventional processing time for the 602 Visa, the following information will be helpful for you.

  • For 75% of applications, the visa application gets processed in 24 days.
  • For 90% of applications, the application procedure takes about 46 days.

This is a general estimate, and the processing time can vary due to several reasons. If you submit improper or insufficient supporting documents or submit the visa application lately, your application will get delayed.

What is the cost of Visa 602?

We have mentioned that an applicant can apply both from outside and inside Australia. The visa application fee will also vary accordingly. If you apply while being inside Australia, the application fee will be around AUD 315. In contrast, if you lodge the application outside the country, the application will be free.

What Will Be The Travel Restrictions Under This Visa?

Every Australian visa involves specific travel permissions. Some visas grant single entry, while some allow multiple entries. Before you apply for the Medical Treatment Visa, you should also know the travel permissions associated with it. For some applicants, restrictions are imposed for several reasons. Multiple entries will allow you to enter and leave Australia as many times as you want. But, you can only do it as long as your visa stays valid. This visa allows both single and multiple entries to an applicant.

1. Single Entry

This permission is granted if an applicant was not present in Australia when their visa application gets approved by the Department of Immigration. If the Department permits you only a single entry, then you cannot return here once you leave the country.

2. Multiple Entries

However, if you were physically present in Australia at the time of your visa approval by the Department, you can benefit from multiple entries. The Department can grant you permission to leave the country and return here for once. But, to know this formally, you have to wait for the official letter of visa confirmation from the Department of Home Affairs.

Who Can Help You?

As the visa application procedure involves so many steps and thus much complexity, it will always be better to get in touch with the most efficient registered migration agent Perth.
They can guide you properly and with a free consultation.


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