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Embed Facebook Reviews Widget on Website – Best Tools 2021

Facebook Reviews

Over the years, Facebook Reviews has garnered a lot of attention from social media users as it has urged, them to socialize more and it could do so effortlessly! 

Being the largest and most highly leveraged social media platform in the world. Facebook has garnered over 2.89 billion monthly active users worldwide. 

This amazing platform enabled its users to make connections and socialize and gave brands and businesses a platform to promote their products and services. 

According to researchers, 93% of the total businesses have an active presence on the platform. 

Ever since Facebook enabled the Facebook shop feature. It allowed businesses to sell their products and get valuable feedback from their users in return. 

The reviews received from your customers are of utmost importance and can help you generate more trust in your potential customers. 

Moreover, it is well-known that more than 85% of the potential customers. Use User-Generated Content before making a purchase

Furthermore, embedding Facebook Reviews on your website in the form of a widget can work tremendously to keep your website visitors hooked. Engaged for a longer period and for ultimately increasing your conversions and sales. 

In this post, we are going to tell you about the best tools that can, be used to embed Facebook review widget on your website. 

All the tools mentioned in the post are extremely easy to use. And do not require any technical or special coding skills. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Taggbox Widget 

First up is Taggbox Widget. It is a tool that seamlessly allows the users to collect, curate, and embed social media feeds on the website.

The users can collect content from over 15+ social media platforms. Including Facebook Reviews. So you can use this tool to embed Facebook Reviews on your website.

The users can leverage the other benefits provided by the platform to make the widget more impactful and attractive.

Using the customization options. The users can enhance the look of the widget by choosing, from a variety of options like templates, layouts, themes, fonts, etc. 

The advanced content moderation panel enables the users to publish content of utmost quality. The profanity filter allows them to remove any inappropriate content from the widget.

Users can use the advanced analytics feature, to keep the performance of the Facebook Reviews widget in check. They can get detailed information like total impressions, clicks, and other crucial numbers. 

Taggbox has an integration with a variety of website-building platforms. Users can select the preferred platform, follow the steps mentioned and easily embed Facebook Reviews widget. 

The robust back support team of the platform lets the users get proper assistance. From the platform if they come across any glitch or issue while using the tool. 


Another tool to embed Facebook Reviews on the website is Tagembed. Although, this tool allows its users to effortlessly collect, curate. And embed social media content on the website.

The users have the option to select from over 15+ platforms including Facebook Reviews

Additionally, the users can utilize the other features on the platform to increase the efficiency of the widget. 

The platform offers various customization options, a content filtration option. Advanced analytics to keep the performance of the widget in check, and a responsive back support team to assist the users as and when required. 

Sociable KIT 

Sociable KIT is an easy-to-use social media aggregation tool that gives its users the ability to embed social media feeds from various platforms.

Out of all the platforms, the tool also easily aggregates content from Facebook including reviews and embeds it into the website. 

The platform enables the users to customize the content as per their needs and preferences.

Moreover, due to its integration with various website building platforms. The content can be embedded on any website platform like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc. 


The last tool on the list is Embed.ly. It is another responsive platform with additional features that allow users to collect content. From social media and display it on the website. 

Just like the other tools mentioned above, this tool also allows the users to customize the widget as per their convenience and as per the look of the website. 

Moreover, it offers crucial audience insights to its users, to enable them to keep the performance of the widget in check and to make changes in strategy accordingly. 

Closing Note 

Embedding a Facebook review widget on the website is a great way to upscale. Your marketing efforts and maximize your business profits. 

By embedding Facebook Reviews brands can. Display a social proof that works miraculously to motivate potential customers to purchase the products. 

We have reached the end of the blog and are certain that, you must now be convinced to integrate Facebook Reviews into your website. 

All you need to do is, select the tool that suits your needs and requirements to embed the Facebook Reviews right away!