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Custom Mailer Boxes: The Foundation for an Impressive Subscription Business


Customized boxes are the foundation for an impressive subscription business. They leave a lasting impression on customers and make them feel cared about, which is essential in e-commerce. A personalized box can show off new products or highlight your brand’s personality. It is a great way to keep clients coming back for more.


Not only do they serve as a functional way to send out items. But they also help create a sense of personalization with the customer. 


In this blog post, we will discuss how customized boxes can be used for various purposes and why you should start using them today.


Make Your Brand Identity with Subscription Boxes


Custom mailer boxes are a great way to give a sense of who you are and what your brand is all about. They can be the first thing that customers see when they receive their packages. So, they need to represent who you are as a company or individual clearly. 


Designing custom mailers also gives clients the opportunity to have more input into how their items will arrive. So, the companies have new options for customization.


The best part is that you do not need special skills or lots of time to create something amazing either. There are plenty of software systems out there these days that make it easy for anyone creative enough to design personalized packaging.


What are the Packaging Options for Mailer Boxes? 


There are three options for creating custom mailer boxes: 


Printed Paperboard: 


Paperboards can be printed with anything from a simple design to an elaborate one that requires laminating. They are durable when adequately constructed but tend to cost more than other materials due to setup costs.

Furthermore, Printed Paperboards are the most traditional type of mailer box and can be easily customized to fit any business with the right tools, such as die cutters or laser printers.


Rigid Plastic:


Rigid plastic is the best option for heavier items that need protection from damage. These are also a great way to showcase your brand with its rich, glossy finish. The most expensive option for custom shipping labels, but they last longer and protect your product better than any other material.




Corrugated is the most popular option because it is lightweight and comes in various colors that can create eye-catching packaging that stands out. You may not have thought about this before, but many companies will use their branding color on all aspects of their marketing collateral material, including business cards, flyers, or banner displays; by using these same colors on your mailers, you will make it look like everything has come from one place.

What are the Cushioning Material for Safe Transit?


You can increase your packaging protection by including some form of cushioning in your custom mailer box.


You have three options for the type of material you would like to include: bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or air-filled plastic bubbles. Foam peanuts are cost-effective and versatile, but they cannot be reused, so it is not an environmentally friendly option.


Air-filled plastic bubbles also offer a good amount of protection without adding too much weight or bulk to the package, and they come with handy reusable sheets which provide more than enough coverage for most needs. 


Bubble wrap is another affordable option that provides plenty of padding while still being lightweight; however, since it does add bulk. You should make sure there is adequate space inside the container before filling up all spaces with packing materials.


How to Customize and Print the Mailer Boxes?

Consider using a design file with the same size and dimensions as your custom mailer. This way, you can tailor it to fit around any objects or products in the box for optimal protection during shipment. If there are no specific items that need to be protected in the package, you have more flexibility on what kind of print to use – an option such as solid colors would work great.

In addition, go for offset printing for the best quality custom printed packaging. This printed packaging is a popular option because it does not use ink, so there are no worries about smudging the design as you handle the package. This type of printing also lasts longer with higher print resolution.

If offset is not available in your area or you prefer to stay local, screen-printing can be done at any print shop that offers custom work. Just make sure they have experience printing onto corrugated material such as cardboard or plastic sheets.

Have a Strong Social Media Presence?

Subscription boxes are a common trend nowadays on social media. They have become so popular that they even have their holiday niche. As the demand grows, more and more entrepreneurs get into this industry. Because there is money to be create, but only if you know how to do things right from the start. 

One of those crucial aspects would be your mailers or shipping materials, as many call them, making or breaking your business depending on what kind you choose for your company.

One bad experience with customers could turn them away from returning altogether due to inadequate packaging; chances are they will go back to using traditional delivery services. 

In Conclusion?


In summary, think of your packaging as more than just being there to carry products in. It is also a marketing material that is equal than any other advertising you can do outside your company.

Customers will judge your product based purely on what they see with their eyes before even opening up the package. So, make sure everything inside meets or exceeds expectations. Thanks for reading!