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Cost-Effectiveness of Custom Boxes & Packaging for Electronics

Custom boxes

Custom boxes are popular around the globe. They are the first choice for packaging electronic items. With the expansion of e-commerce, customers can order electronics from anywhere on the planet. The manufacturers must devise these boxes correctly to gain from this emerging opportunity.

When one sees around the retail stores, the common scenario is racks filled with electronic boxes of different kinds and sizes. But why do customers pick some brands more over others? It is the packaging that makes a difference. Custom packaging promotes the brand like no other marketing tool.

Even when sellers know of the potential of customized boxes in marketing their products, seldom do they know how to create the best boxes for their items. We have got exclusive tips for creating exceptional electronic boxes that customers can’t overlook! Read on to find out.

#1: Define the brand image

How do you want customers to decode your brand? do you wish them to see it as vibrant, classy, edgy, or traditional? Once the brand image is set, it can be reproduced on the boxes too.

Customers are quick to notice an unusual brand image. This is why certain new brands stand out. While researching the industry is a good idea to know about the latest trends, the brand identity must differ from the rest. An offbeat brand appeal stays longer with customers and they search for it every time they shop.

One of the most prominent elements is the brand logo. Customers recognize their favorite electronics brand by its logo. Differentiated logos are easy to remember, recall, and hence, enhance brand awareness.

#2: Get a good fit

It is no surprise that the boxes that fit well with the electronic items, secure them more strongly.

Sensitive items like electronics and gadgets need robust boxes. without investing in good-quality containers, the customers can’t be persuaded to repeat purchases. customers want their products to function well and look good. Sturdy boxes can make this happen. If customers find their products damaged and mutated, they would attach negative feelings to the brand and wouldn’t buy again.

Everything from the sides, the height, and the density of the boxes matter when packaging electronic items. Picking every element carefully can give the ideal transport environment to the items and the right reasons to the customers to buy on a loop from the brand.

#3: Clear content

Certain brands put in a lot of brand info on the custom boxes that becomes confusing for buyers to apprehend. The key here is to keep the content short and crisp.

Customers relate to engaging content that speaks of the brand and informs them about the product. Electronics packaging needs to be printed with a components list, manufacturing date, and user manual. Buyers would be at ease buying from brands that are transparent about their production process.

The boxes can also be used for promoting the brand as a whole. Using the box space well is essential. Designers can guide sellers where to print what. For example, the brand logo and name must come at the front. The content mustn’t look clustered or too less.

#4: Pick innovative boxes

Materials can be used to give the required brand vibe. Kraft paper is eco-friendly while cardboard can give a more lavish brand feel. Whatever the brand hopes to project, can be realized using apt packaging materials.

The product accessing process is on the rise. Printingblue tries to give memorable unboxing experiences to customers so they give positive feedback. Custom placing the locks and having box layers can give an exclusive shopping vibe. Sellers can add in custom features to make the boxes more individualistic. Little innovative additions can make the brand retainable and easily spottable.

custom printed shipping boxes

#5: Flex branding

All the advertising drives must come together on the boxes for them to make better sense.

When customers see an electronics brand marketing, they can forget about it a while later. Seeing the same branding on the boxes would reinstate the brand image in the buyers’ minds.

Interesting graphics can communicate well and give a glimpse of the product too. Customers want to know how their items look to judge whether they would like them or not. Branding done on the boxes also includes marketing content that tells the buyers why the products are what they want.

Attractive packaging has fueled impulsive buying wherein customers pick the brand out of sheer curiosity. The packaging has everything to do with this. The more creative sellers get in styling their electronics boxes, the more sales inflow would define the business.

How to get started?

Now that the tips are clear, the first thing to do is to get in touch with us for the best electronics packaging mix. A few clicks can realize the ideal boxes that elevate brand recognition and make the brand a part of customers’ daily shopping lists.


Although the primary function of the boxes is to keep the electronic products safe, custom boxes can turn them into pieces of art that customers enjoy purchasing. Brands personalize the boxes to make these a great spokesperson for them!