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Bloodborne PC Review – An Exclusive Titles Review

Bloodborne PC

Bloodborne PC: Gold Edition is a newly-released video game based on the successful PC game series of the same title. In contrast to the dark, Gothic fashion of previous games in the series, this game takes a more modern and “choose your own adventure” theme. A few years after the events of the last games, players find themselves in a dark and dangerous version of London. This time, instead of finding a way out, they must fight their way through the streets and alleyways to find help and find the strength to continue on their quest.

A New Version

The story sets in an alternate version of London, a bustling metropolis teeming with life and vibrancy. But just like in the dark souls franchise, you have fallen into darkness and trouble. Your only chance of escape is a mysterious, blood-soaked book called The Vanishing Files. It tells the story of the theirl galleria who used to be a great thief but lost her memory while in an underdark prison. When her captors took her to another world called the Badlands, she has no recollection of how she came to be in this place.

The player’s task is to help her remember by exploring the city and piecing together the clues as to her mysterious past. To help her along, she gets to use some of the novelties offered by the game such as lanterns and candles, which can light up the darkness. There are also several items that can help her on her quest such as the adrenaline rush that comes from opening fireplaces and listening to wind chimes. On the other hand, there are also some gadgets that can be buy and use such as a scrying mirror and a gatekeeper. These can take with you as a precautionary measure while venturing into the Badlands.

History of The Game- Bloodborne PC

The exciting part about Bloodborne PC is that it does not allow the player to be a hero or an anti-hero anymore. You can’t really save the game just yet, though. The storyline revolves around a secret group called the Order of the Emerald Hand who seeks to find and extract the legendary bloodstone called the ruby from the darkest corners of the earth. However, this task isn’t easy at all. The rich history of the game is what sets it apart from its competitors, and the exclusivity of the game makes sure that people who played the first “Bloodborne” aren’t tempted to start up with a new game without knowing what to expect.

Bloodborne PC- A Dark Fantasy Tale

When the events of the game unfold, you get to experience a dark fantasy tale set in chilly environments. The dark veil that hovers over the land seems to call out for a hunt to bring down the evil entity that lurks within it. The story begins with you and your new friend Alice finding the body of a young girl who was killed by a group of zombies. The two of you then find themselves in a tower surrounded by monsters. Alice starts to feel something unusual about the situation and thinks that she’s going insane. Shortly after, you will be ask to save her life again and go on the adventure to find more about the Order of the Emerald Hand.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the most mysterious games released in years. It’s the spiritual successor to the well-known Bloodborne: The New Testament. It takes you on a journey towards the dark world of souls, where the tradition of hunting has been replaced by the worship of a mysterious old god. From the ashes of his former glory the god creates a gateway for his faithful followers called the Lost Souls. From inside the portal, they can cross through to the outside world using the powerful “souls of light.”

In comparison to Dark Souls, Bloodborne PC:

The New Testament features some exciting new features as well. First, many people might assume that the graphics would be the same as the previous games in the soul’s franchise, but they are anything but. Due to the visual improvements made by the team from Sony and PC engine, this new game looks amazing. Due to the drastic change in hardware, the game now runs much smoother and has a better response than its predecessors.


If you’ve looking for a new hidden object game with amazing graphics and mind-blowing puzzles, then you definitely want to play bloodborne PC. This game is sure to satisfy your craving. For more information about when the game will be available, stay tuned to our PC port news hub. You’ll find tons of the latest updates, as well as a list of the best price online. We also have a big list of download links for the best game prices on the internet!