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Best Modem For Gaming and Web Browsing

best modem for gaming

When you’re shopping for a modem for gaming, there are many features that you will want to take into consideration. Gaming is intense and there are certain features that you will need if you want to get the most out of your playing time. There are two different kinds of connections: optical or coaxial. Let’s go over each type to see which one is the best option for your gaming needs.

This is the best feature for multi-player gaming. It provides a faster connection than dial up because it utilizes a broadband cable. For single player games this is not as effective, but it is a great option if you prefer not to play online. A wireless router is require for this modem.

The wireless nature of this modem for gaming makes it a great choice for single players who want to play online games. The Netgear cm1000 highlights allows gamers to connect up to five gamers at the same time. With five people connected at the same time the game will run much more smoothly. These routers are available from several places.

For a quick and easy explanation of the modems discussed above, let’s review the differences in each of their three major features: speed, uploads, and channel bonding. Speed is the most important feature, but uploads and channel bonding takes precedence when it comes to important gaming issues. Upload speeds will be determined by what type of download you’re doing. Downloading movies or music takes longer to upload than just uploading a game or application. If you’re an avid downloader you should look for a modem with the best upload speeds.

Next, we’ll discuss about speeds. Download speeds determine how fast the game or program downloads. To help determine the speeds you may want to connect to your modem using WAN or LAN. On the other hand, if you prefer LAN, a 3.1 connection would be ideal since the majority of modern computers can handle this. Download speeds may also be a consideration depending on the type of media you’re downloading.

The next important feature to consider the modem for gaming would be upload speeds. Uploading data is how you transfer information from one area to another. Bandwidth determines how quickly you can upload a gigabyte of information. The good news with gigabit Ethernet is that it is possible to get more bandwidth than needed at a very competitive price. So if you plan to download a lot of media there is no reason to settle for slow upload speeds.

Now here comes the exciting part; the 10 best models reviewed for the Gigabit Ethernet connection discussed earlier. This review was performed to help gamers decide which one would work best for them. So without further interruption, lets quickly review them. There are three major contenders in this section, all of which have excellent specs that will satisfy most gaming needs.

Gigabit Ethernet routers from ST Micro are rated as the best value for the money. It offers speeds up to 3GB/sec and an amazing price of just $100. ST’s CableJeteks Mi also happens to be one of the most popular gaming routers on the market. It has the same Gigabit Ethernet band, the same 1GB/sec download and upload speeds and similar prices to the Mi. All three models are available in either single port or dual port configuration and come standard with a two year warranty.

The next item in the best value for the money category is the STC Megaisk in its three hundred dollar price range. Like the aforementioned router, it comes with an impressive two-year warranty and is easy to install. Like other products in this section, this one also supports dual band spacing and features a neat channel bonding facility. Channel bonding allows the Megaisk to interconnect with other routers within the same household so that each computer can receive full network speeds without slowing down other systems on the same network.

The final item in our top ten is the STC Maple leaf. This device is another high-end gigabit Ethernet card with speeds up to 3.0GB/sec and a pricing that are very competitive. It is made by ST Micro and comes standard with a three-port interface and a sixteen-slot card for expandability. It has a nice five-foot plug and play type port that makes installing and removing very simple. The Maple Leaf has a great deal of support for wireless networks, which makes it an attractive choice for a workgroup setting or even a gaming network. Like the Megaskill, it also has a useful two-port redundant power adapter that allows it to function as a UPS during non-peak hours when power isn’t readily available.

These are the main products that will be found in a reliable two-in-one gaming modem guide part. There are a few other considerations that will help you determine what will be the best choice for your needs. You will need to consider processor speed, memory size, and whether you plan to use a wired or wireless connection. However, with these three main areas covered, you should be able to make a fairly informed decision.