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Aftershokz Aeropex Transducers Features and Benefits

Aftershokz Aeropex Transducers Features and Benefits

The Aftershokz Aeropex is arguably the best fitness headphone on the market today. Built on the innovative principles of the best workout headphones, the Aftershokz has some great features at an affordable price. Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, you will appreciate the benefits that these headphones provide.

Aftershokz Aeropex’ A Compatible Device

The most innovative, portable, comfortable and powerful workout headphones ever created. Engineered specifically for a long-lasting battery and high quality sound to keep you pumped & motivated to push through any exercise session. These rated headphones are packed full of features including multiple frequency bands with subwoofer output jacks, line output jacks and a custom-built in pulse sensor. The transducers located on the ear cups deliver smooth direct feedback from the active muscles of your ears, delivering a lifelike and realistic workout experience with excellent clarity.

Value To Money

Most of the competition doesn’t offer this much value for their money. Aftershokz are designed to outclass all current designs by using advanced technology to deliver a superior workout experience that is extremely comfortable. The unique ability to work with your body’s natural motion instead of against it helps to reduce the stress on the joints and muscles. Then, delivering maximum benefits with the smallest amount of hassle. Using the latest Bluetooth technology, the Aftershokz are able to offer this benefit without interfering with a person’s fitness routines or negatively impacting battery life.


The unique design of the Aftershokz perspex is built on a solid understanding of biomechanics and how sound behaves around the body. These high quality headphones use an advanced ultrasonic technology to produce deep vibrations in your ears. The vibrations excite the tiny hair follicles inside your eardrum, resulting in a more intense and stable signal as you listen to your music. This eliminates any problems with interference from other outside sources. Thus, allows your music to have that special feeling that only good music can bring.

Aftershokz aeropex beats many competing brands in its ability to enhance your workout experience. Vibrations are never constant and naturally occur with any activity, they cancel out most of the noise that your iPod or MP3 player would normally generate and allow you to focus directly on your beats. This allows you to really feel your music, which helps to ensure that you get the maximum physical and mental benefits from your workout.


While it is certainly true that most of today’s higher-end products lack some important feature. It do not deliver on their promises. Compared to much less expensive fitness equipment, the perspex has a solid build quality, impressive features and an adjustable feature set. It ensures that you can use the unit without having to readjust it during your workout. It also includes some innovative technologies that work to increase the strength of your muscles through increased muscle activation. This ensures that your muscles will be stronger and will benefit from the enhanced strength provided by aftershokz aeropex technology.

An additional feature that sets the perspex apart from many other fitness devices is the bone conduction transducers that work to increase your overall hearing range by as much as 40 decibels. In addition, this amazing piece of equipment also includes a built-in noise canceling feature. Thus, eliminates any unwanted noise when listening to your music. This means that you can listen to your music with ease and without worrying about the environment or other distractions that may interrupt your workout routines. You can go ahead and spend hours working out, getting your hard work out without missing a beat.

Quality of Aftershokz Aeropex

Since the transducers located at the ends of the earplugs are able to pick up external vibrations. The Aftershokz perspex has the ability to eliminate any background noise that may be affecting the effectiveness of your exercise routines. Aftershokz perspex with the included earplugs, you can expect better sound quality than you would get from standard earplugs. The transducers located at the ends of the earpieces provide a very intense audio signal that will work to strengthen and tone all of the muscles in your body. Thus, making them much more effective to help you get the results you want.